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Estoy preso en un baño español0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:10 pm
First and foremost, apologies if the Spanish translation of my title is incorrect. It means “I’m stuck in a Spanish bathroom” however as I only did Spanish to a “GCSE” grade and funnily enough, I haven’t ever learnt about bathrooms, it could be wrong. This article I wish to write is very brief, unlike my other articles which are rather opinionated, this article has a very story-telling approach to it. In fact, I think it’s an utterly pointless, stupid, inhumane idea writing this article as I am embarrassing myself even more than I already have since I’ve joined the land of imagination, gossip and excitement. Otherwise known as Chess Cl… oh I mean Habbox. 

As you may be aware, hopefully not so this article has a point, I did go on holiday in October 2010… to Spain in fact. Rather sweet and dazzling place, till you reach the toilets. Obviously before you go back home from Spain you want to have one last walkthrough of the urination cycle to make sure you don’t suffocate on the aeroplane (or airplane!). Unfortunately, I did this 20 minutes before the coach arrived to pick me up. So I get locked in the toilets. Yes, I get locked in the toilets. YES, I GET LOCKED IN THE TOILETS. I was screaming… in Spanish. Fortunately I got let out 3 minutes before the coach arrived and hyperventilated. Now I’ve humiliated myself a hell of a lot, you can do the same by leaving a comment on this article. 

In some aspects, being mortified is an all right thing. Not exactly fabulous but it does go back to do that “you can only learn by going wrong” argument. I’m a perfectionist which I believe I mentioned in one of my other articles meaning I can be rather stubborn and I do always want to be right (I won’t add the unnecessary comment that I am normally correct)! As are letting your tears roam free, letting them exist. Mistakes are meant to be present in your life. A lot. A mistake can be a misconception, for example. I have had quite a few of those this week, a mistake, tears dropped. They help for understanding. Don’t be ashamed of something you think.

Before I go onto my more therapeutic tone, I’ll round up this article. Some mistakes can make your heart miss a beat, in my case about twenty. We learn from those mistakes, maybe we get phobias by some of them, like spiders. What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say don’t be nervous about stuff, don’t be too outgoing either. A healthy balance is really important and not many people have it, including me. On the other hand, if you don’t want to follow my advise, share your scary incidents so I feel much less disgraced!

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