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Euro-mania! [+Win 20 Credits]0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:13 pm
Eurovision 2011 LogoEurovision 2011
Feel your heart beat.

It’s tomorrow, everyone! The 55th annual Eurovision Final is going to be hosted in Dusseldorf Arena on the 14th May 2011! It’s been a super hectic week over in Germany – with two semi-finals (the 10th and 12th) narrowing down the 43 total entries to 25… 20 voted by each country and the 5 auto-finalists! They cover a huge range of songs, from blues, to political rap, to euro-pop, to classical opera – there really is something for EVERYONE! Make sure you tune in!

I’m going to be your official guide to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011! By reading this article, you can be in with a chance to win 20 Credits! (You don’t even have to be European to enter THIS eurovision comp, take that Habbo!)

So, who’s in the final?

Semi-Final 1:

Not Qualified:
Poland (Magdalena Tul-“Jestem”)
Norway (Stella Mwangi -“Haba Haba”)
Albania (Aurela Gaçe “Feel the Passion”)
Armenia (Emmy – “Boom Boom”)
Turkey (Yüksek Sadakat – “Live It Up”)
Malta (Glen Vella -“One Life”)
San Marino (Senit – “Stand By”)
Croatia (Daria – “Celebrate”)
Portugal (Homens da Luta – “A luta é alegria”)

Lithuania – (Evelina Sašenko -“C’est ma vie”)
Azerbaijan (Ell and Nikki – “Running Scared”)
Greece (Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike – “Watch My Dance”)
Serbia (Nina -“Čaroban”)
Russia (Alexey Vorobyov – “Get You”)
Switzerland (Anna Rossinelli – “In Love for a While”)
Georgia (Eldrine – “One More Day”)
Finland (Paradise Oskar – “Da Da Dam”)
Iceland (Sjonni’s Friends – “Coming Home”)
Hungary (Kati Wolf – “What About My Dreams?”)

Semi-Final 2:

Not Qualified
Netherlands (3JS – “Never Alone”)
Belgium (Witloof Bay – “With Love Baby”)
Slovakia (TWiiNS – “I’m Still Alive”)
Cyprus (Christos Mylordos – “San aggelos s’agapisa”)
Bulgaria (Poli Genova – “Na inat”)
Macedonia (Vlatko Ilievski – “Rusinka”)
Israel (Dana International – “Ding Dong”)
Belarus (Anastasia Vinnikova – “I Love Belarus”)
Latvia (Musiqq -“Angel in Disguise”)

Denmark (A Friend In London -“New Tomorrow”)
Ireland (Jedward – “Lipstick”)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Dino Merlin – “Love in Rewind”)
Austria (Nadine Beiler – “The Secret Is Love”)
Ukraine (Mika Newton – “Angel”)
Moldova (Zdob şi Zdub – “So Lucky”)
Sweden (Eric Saade – “Popular”)
Slovenia (Maja Keuc – “No One”)
Romania (Hotel FM – “Change”)
Estonia (Getter Jaani – “Rockefeller Street”)

Auto Final:

United Kingdom (Blue – “I Can”)
Germany (Lena – “Taken by a Stranger”)
France (Amaury Vassili – “Sognu”)
Italy (Raphael Gualazzi – “Madness of Love”)
Spain (Lucía Pérez – “Que me quiten lo bailao”)

Personally, I love the French, Romanian and Icelandic songs! Don’t forget to leave your favourites (and least favourites) in the comments!

Win 20c in this Eurovision Article!
Here’s the comp!

To be in with a chance of winning 20 Credits, just post a coment below with what YOU think the top 5 will be, after all the votes have come in! Don’t worry about rankings though – just the top 5!

The person who correctly guesses all 5 will win the top prize – if noone picks the right 5, I’ll just pick the person with 4 correct, if noone gets THOSE, then 3 ETC. If there are 2 winners, you get 10c each… so if you post the same combination as someone, you’re lowering your winnings automatically! I’ll contact you on Habbox Forum or Habbo if you win – leave your usernames with your comment!

Competition Closes Saturday 14th May at 8.00 P.M. – winners will be announced on Sunday!


Habbo Username:
HabboxForum Username:
My Top 5 Predictions:

Good Luck and ENJOY EUROVISION tomorrow!

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