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Even more updates coming to Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

More updates could be coming to Habbo shortly!

Every week or so, the French Habbo Hotel manager ‘Norman’, reveals possible updates and features which are to arrive at Habbo in the future, and this week he’s revealed a handful of updates! Including a big event for ‘Habboween 2011’ and… well, if you want to find out the rest you better read on!  (If you don’t want to find out – we suggest you don’t read on, but you know you secretly want to!)

Unfortunately, it seems to be fairly negative news about the badges this week. Despite many rumours, ‘Norman’ has explained that badges will not be trade-able. Also ‘Norman’ has said that achieving a badge for trading will not currently be happening but it could possibly happen in the future.

For all you people on Habbo Hotel France, say hello (or Bonjour) to a new French hotel staff  ‘Jasmina’. We’re sure she’ll be a great contribution to the community and we wish her good luck in her job!

Events and Furniture:
As revealed in a news article last week, ‘Carnival/Fairground/Fun Fair’ furniture would be released around Halloween. This week it was revealed that the future furniture range will be part of a fantastic, entertaining and HUGE event! We’re all keen to find out what it is. ‘Norman’ also said that there was still no news about updates to the trax machine.

Here’s a feature which might excite a lot of you, how about the idea of being able to place stairs in your room?! Habbo are currently developing this feature, and it should be ready in the next ‘build’ very shortly! ‘Norman’ also said that new commands will be available in the future, but he didn’t explain or give any hints what the commands would be.

The most bizarre feature… the idea of Habbo’s being pregnant! ‘Norman’ said he enjoyed the idea of having pregnant Habbo’s but we are fairly sure this was just his opinion and that Sulake are not developing a way to enable pregnancy on the Hotel.

“Cluck, Cluck”. Sorry, got a bit distracted there. Many Habbo’s were suggesting the idea of having chickens as a pet on the hotel and ‘Norman’ seemed to be quite pleased with the idea. Although as many people have pointed out, they already have Chicks on the hotel.

After discovering this information, we went out and asked some users for their opinions on these possible new updates. Here are their responses:

Blue-September: Habbo pregnancy sounds COOL! So does carnival furniture.
Jenkss: Pregnant Habbo’s..That would be awesome!!! The idea of stairs in rooms sounds pretty cool.
moocow.ox: Oh my gosh, I like them all! Pregnant Habbo’s would be so funny, and carnival furniture would be awesome for games!

(We did tell them that the pregnant Habbo’s idea is most likely not to happen – they were depressed but still loved the idea).

They shared their view, now it’s time to share yours! Do you think any of these updates sound interesting? Or do they just seem like a complete waste of time? Share your opinion by clicking “Read More and Comment”.

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