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EXCLUSIVE: Habbo Awards 20110
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

And the winner is!…

Earlier today, FieryCold hosted the Habbo awards! It was a great success and many people turned up as you can see from here. Award Winners follow as so:

  • Group Of The Year: Answers
  • Troll Of The Year: McDonalds
  • Best Room Builder: Pairz
  • Most Popular Hangout: WarmCustard (Ralph Lauren Polo)
  • Cutest Couple: 5N and BelieveMeSafety
  • Best Looking Habbo IRL: Way-2-Innocent
  • Game room of the Year: Unposted!
  • Most Controversial Habbo: Two
  • Staff Member of the Year: NotMiceElf!
  • Best Homepage Designer: Mochalover!
  • Bacon of the year: lovinglook!
  • Most Fashionable: Sloonei
  • Coolest Habbo Username: Roulette

As you can see from the above, Fansite of the year has not been listed. Nominees for the Fansite of The Year award were as followed:

  • ThisHabbo (Owned by: IRDEZ)
  • HabbCrazy (Owned by: Skier, Entertain, Moh & OMG-ITS-DAMIEN)
  • Habbox (Owned by: :Jin: & Sierk)
  • Snewsbox (Owned by: JRaviv, Sodapop01, & Riviation)
  • HFFM (Owned by: Carnio)
  • Great (Owned by: Staircase & Fax)

And the award for Fansite of The Year 2011 goes to: Habbox!

Congratulations to everybody who has put a lot of effort over 2011 into making Habbox the fansite it is today! And also, Habbox would like to thank every single person who voted Habbox!

You can view the image of FieryCold announcing Habbox as the winners, here.

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