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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Yurre!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Not many of you may know who Yurre is, not many may be sure on what she does but she is one of the only staff who gets down with the players on Habbo, coming into our rooms, chatting to us, wanting to make Habbo an exciting experience for all! Yurre is the Research Specialist for she spends time creating polls and such to get opinions and thoughts from the Habbo community. Recently, there was a poll about Fansites and you had to put in which Fansites you followed, I am sure Habbox was one of the top. 

I began speaking to Yurre some months ago, she started talking to me on Habbo asking me if I was the same ‘Samanfa‘ who wrote news on Habbox. I was scared and replied yes as she saw my recent report ranting about Habbo in general, she loved my article and was more than happy to do this interview! She has also spoke to other Habbox members and also visited the Help Desk not long ago, does she love Fansites or does she just wish xxMATTGxx will be there as he is smoking…Not my words, but let’s complete the interview and find out just what she thinks!

I asked her 20 questions with the help of xxMATTGxx and Bolt660 but their questions were a little less sophisticated than mine, nevertheless though, she answered them in depth so this should be an interesting report!

Question: Do you like KitKat’s? (As it is about food, xxMATTGxx obviously asked this)!
Answer: Not my favorite chocolate bar, but yes! I like almost all chocolate bars. biggrin.gif Currently my favorites are bounty and milky way bars. Omnomnom. smile.gif

Question: How long have you been the Research Specialist?
Answer: 3 years almost exactly! smile.gif

Question: Have you had any other jobs other than said Research Specialist (Habbo related or not it’s fine)?
Answer: I’ve had couple of other research jobs, one of them included customer care too. As a teenager I worked couple of Summers taking care of parks etc. That was fun. smile.gif

Question: Which country are you from?
Answer: Finland

Question: I think you read all the poll entries you receive, has there been any funny things said via the poll system that you can tell us?
Answer: I can’t give any examples, because the responses are not public, but I can tell that the feedback I get is brilliant! I love new ideas and thoughts on how to make Habbo even better! smile.gif

Question: What sort of television programmes do you like?
Answer: Ooo… Top chef, America’s next top model (we have Finnish versions of both of these, they are ok too, but I like to watch the US versions smile.gif) And Friends… Those are the best, I suppose. smile.gif

Question: Would you ever consider signing upto HabboxForum and interacting with the fanbase?
Answer: I might consider that in the future, but for now I haven’t joined any fansite forums. I think the only Habbo related forum I comment on is the research lab group forum. smile.gif

Question: What is your opinion on fansites?
Answer: I love fansites! The discussions on their forums are very interesting, and all news articles they publish often offer new insights to things. I’d love to have more time and explore the rare values on fansites too, because I’m totally clueless with rares. smile.gif

Question: What is your favorite animal, colour and season? (You can say why too if you want)
Answer: Favorite animal. Hmm. I really like all animals. Except spiders, I’m a bit scared of those. As a pet I’d love to have a cat or a dog… Or both. smile.gif Colour… I like blues and reds mostly, but I wear way too much black and dull colors irl! smile.gif And my favorite season is definitely summer! The rest of the seasons are not that nice in Finland biggrin.gif Especially the darkness during winter time makes me very tired. There is actually this epic video on youtube about the winter darkness (not made by me) .. anyone living in similar areas can relate to this biggrin.gif 

Question: Are you interested in any sports, if so which ones?
Answer: I love to watch ice hockey from tv when the Finnish Lions are playing! We won world championship last year! It was a national celebration, we Finns really love ice hockey. biggrin.gif I’m not a fan of playing sports though. smile.gif 

Question: Do you follow big events such as the world cup, Olympics, winter Olympics etc?
Answer: Not much. During Olympics I check how the Finns are doing but that’s really it. Ice hockey is the only exception. smile.gif

Question: If you could change one thing about Habbo what would it be and why?
Answer: More games more games more games! o/ I love many games created by users and I’d love to see more of those. And more furni etc to create the epic games with. 

Question: (From the news manager (this question)) Do you find Lady Gaga’s meat outfit hot?
Answer:  Well I think it wasn’t her hottest outfit. smile.gif But it was an interesting statement. 

Question: Do you agree that norms and bacons on Habbo are people too?
Answer: Not wearing VIP clothes on Habbo doesn’t tell anything about the person, so get to know them before making any assumptions! smile.gif Everyone is equal. Say NO to bullying and discrimination! 

Question: You are a great staff member and you really understand the players, anything else you would like to add?
Answer: Thanks. smile.gif Nothing more to say. smile.gif


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