It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

That's right - the 14th Annual Habbox Summer Spectacular is finally here! Click here to find out everything you need to know about this huge tournament.

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
Earn those points!

Earn those points!

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Earn those points!
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Join an HxSS team!

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Join an HxSS team!
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[EXCLUSIVE] New Limited Rares0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

We at Habbox have received some breaking news: limited edition rares will be arriving in Habbo for Easter!

Firstly, we do apologise for the image, as such an insider topic clearly demands extra special care. We think it’s amazing that even this “LTD” sign has appeared! If you aren’t from the world of business, it stands for “Limited”. Usually, it is mentioned when talking about limited edition things, such as a new flavour of drink or clothing items. Here however, it refers to Limited Edition Rares, that we know all about…

Here is the only statement we can give about these hot cakes (as they’re going to sell really fast… like hot cakes? I thought it was very funny myself…):

During the Easter holidays, we will be releasing a small selection of Rares that will be available only in limited quantities. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone and can never be sold again. Each Limited Edition Rare will be branded with a special LTD mark, to signify its limited availability, and will also tie in to various existing Furni sets.”

Habbo make it clear that there is supposed to be mass hysteria over the new releases, and that for whatever amount of time they will be in the catalogue, everyone should be running their pockets dry to get the rares. Unfortunately, when there are too many of an item, its value goes down. Say, for example, every loaf of bread in the world went stale; bread would become highly valuable. It works in reverse too!

The badge on the right will be included in every piece of furni in this promotion, although much smaller so it doesn’t make the furni itself look ugly. Not even we know what the kinds of furni will be; whether they involve revamping classic furni lines or aiding the newer ones. The most shocking fact is that there will be a limit on how many can be purchased. This means that possibly in just 1 day the entire stock will be sold out!

What do you think? You can tell us your thoughts by pressing ‘Read More & Comment’!

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