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[EXCLUSIVE] Potential client updates!!!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Could the client be about to receive a completely fresh look in the near future?!
When V63 of Habbo was introduced, a brand new client layout arrived which was slowly adapted via many additions and removals over time. These changes all happened in a slow process, but could the client be about to receive a gigantic update yet again?
Juho Paasonen is the creative director of user experience design inside Habbo (basically he designs a lot of features for the hotel) and he decided to place 2 potential client layouts on his Twitter feed for all of to see. They are both “early drafts” of the client and they may or may not be implemented into Habbo (so don’t go spreading that they will definitely be arriving in Habbo – a decision is still being made).
The first potential update (see image on the right and click for a full size image) :
As we can see, some of the icons have been removed (such as quests) and now look a bit “random” placed in the centre at the side. It’s most likely to bug people when placed there but it is indeed smaller than the current chunk of icons at the side. The credits, pixels and VIP days can be seen much easier and look a lot more modern in the black sections compared to the current blue, grey and beige sections.
Also, 3 group badges (that you are a member of) would be displayed in the bottom left of the client thus making it easier to see group information about some of your groups. Some think this is a pretty handy and nice feature but others seem to disagree and find it rather pointless. Either way, the 3 group badges are at the bottom left of both client designs.
Oh, for any of those who still dislike the friend bar feature… it is still there on both potential versions of the client.
The second potential update (see image on the right and click for a full size image) :
Yet again, some icons have been removed (such as quests) but they are now placed along the top along with the “Me” icon (placed in the top right in this version) and a new search box which displays “Search from all of Habbo”. Sounds like a rather interesting potential feature. Also, there is an equals sign in the bottom right of the client (also seen in the other version) but unfortunately no clues to what it could be the icon for. Maybe the Friend Stream or IM? We may not ever know.
Finally, in this version of the client there are only 2 places where the icons have been placed (the top and the bottom of the client) as opposed to the other version where the icons are placed in the top right, centre left and the bottom. Making version 2 seem less crowded and more spacious.
It’s interesting to see how much the client changes over time, but a completely new design like this only happens once in a blue moon. Usually, features are added slowly over time – such as the Friend Stream and Friend Bar – but this time it may be a complete overhaul in a small space of time. As mentioned earlier, a complete change have only occurred a few time in the history of Habbo. The V26 client to V63 was one of these memorable moments, so let’s compare these 2 designs and then look back at the potential client designs:
V26 (click the image to view a full-size version)

V63 current client (click the image to view a full-size version)

I’m sure you’ll admit that there is a huge amount of difference between the two and the potential clients would extend the amount of differences even more. However, some users have claimed that the potential clients remind them of V26 and before.
The news has spread quite quickly and many comments have risen on websites. Here are just a few comments about the potential client updates;
Mk,: “I LOVE IT. I can’t wait for this. I don’t like the chat box though frown.gif.”
Red: “I like the second one smile.gif. Looks even better than the one we have right now.”
Zuth: “Looks ALRIGHT but I’m not a huge fan of it.”
Ellz: “Prefer the second one but I’d rather they leave it as it is.” 

An official German Fansite decided to provide a poll concerning these potential client updates. The responses seemed to be fairly positive with currently 84% of respondents saying they love the designs, 4% saying they had no opinion and only 14% claiming they disliked the potential updates. However, if you’d rather send a personal view about the client compared to filling out a poll, Juho Paasonen would love for users to place their opinion on his twitter feed. Visit any one of these:!/ediootti/status/174450340618436608/photo/1!/ediootti/status/174450278710525953/photo/1!/ediootti

Now that you’ve seen the potential client update, what do you think of it? Is it a stylish and classy layout or a disaster waiting to happen? Share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment!”

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