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EXCLUSIVE: Puss-In… Habbo?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Shrek phenomenon Puss-In-Boots is at the hotel and you could win limited edition furniture! 

Puss, the ladies man was relaxing and taking life easy, drinking a ice cold bowl of milk (as he does) in the village when some thugs approached him and told him another two thugs called Jack & Jill, have discovered something so incredible that it could possibly wipe out Habbo completely. The discovery is… A goose who lays golden eggs!


What Habbo want you to do, is assist Puss-In-Boots in getting his macho ness back and find the golden egg which was layed by the goose before Jack and Jill do!

Part I

Puss, being the ladies man he is, was recently showing of to another female cat and ended up losing his boots. Puss will obviously need to find his boots before he can begin his expedition! Your job is to fins Puss’s boots before the 27th of November. If you are successful in finding Puss’s boots, a poll will appear where you will have to enter you Habbo name so you can receive your achievement badge which will look like so… .

Badges will be given out on the 28th.

Part II


Once Puss has those stunning black boots on, he will be ready to find that golden egg and save Habbo. This must be down from the 28th of November. Once you find the Golden egg, a poll will appear where yet again, you will have to enter you Habbo name so you can receive your limited edition furniture… The Golden Egg!

Only 2000 golden eggs will be given out! so make sure you are working as fast as you possibly can without having a nervous breakdown and hyper venerating. This limited edition furniture will be given out on the 19th of December, so make sure you add that to your diaries!

Also, another date you may want to jot down, is the 9th of December, because that is when Puss In Boots will be arriving at your local cinema!

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