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[EXCLUSIVE] Redtiz Checks Out0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:14 pm
Habbox Staff Wave Goodbye to RedtizEarlier today, Redtiz posted on our very own Forum that she is leaving Habbo. After 7 years of work at Sulake, first as the UK Assistant Community Manager, then Community Manager , then Safety & Education Officer and finally the
Senior Manager of Moderation & Safety, she’s decided to move on.
She ‘s posted a goodbye thread to stop speculations on her true reason for leaving – as has happened many times in the past, with other staff. She’s confirmed to us exclusively that she has “not been fired, not made redundant” (in
her own words), but is in fact going to a brand new job elsewhere.  
Unfortunately, her leaving does leave us with a gap in our forum, as she can no longer help with unfair bans (looks like it’s back to the Call For Help tool for us…) although with the recent increase in activity of Sulake and Habbo staff increasing (with both Redtiz and 0rca’s visits, for example), we hope that someone can fill her position quickly, even if they are quite big boots to fill.
We wish her the very best in her new job and her future in general, and thank her for everything she’s done for us.
If you’d like, you can show your appreciation and say goodbye here.

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