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Habbox Summer Spectacular

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Habbox Summer Spectacular
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[EXCULSIVE] Interview with Zuth0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Today we have a very special interview with Zuth or better know as the Content Manger. Lets dive right in!

1) What is your job here at Habbox?
 My Job here at Habbox is Content Design Manager, I manage all of the content you see on the main site and the HabboxWiki to give the most accurate and best results within the Habbo Community. I also moderate the forums on HabboxForum to make sure everyone stays safe

2) Have you worked anywhere else on Habbox?
In actual fact I’ve had lots of roles at Habbox. I started off as a Rare Values Reporter when I used to know -Danube- (RV Manager at the time) on Habbo. He mentioned Habbox and what it was so I visited the site and signed up to the forum. At the time I didn’t have a clue how big or good Habbox was, he was always bragging about being a manager and how special it was but at the time it meant nothing to me. Shortly after I decided to resign as it got a little boring and I thought I was rubbish. I decided to leave Habbox for a few weeks because as I’ve said. It meant nothing to me. I then returned to the Rare Values Department and once again, only stayed for a short while. After that short time period I knew what Habbox was and what it meant to the Habbo Community so I started to post a lot around the forum. This is when I met Skizzling (Ex-Content Design Manager) I met him whilst trying to find someone to buy me Habbox VIP for credits. A few weeks later I got a PM offering me a trial as a Content Designer, I couldn’t wait to get started as this role seemed to fit me perfectly. I managed 2 pages on my trail, this was on the old site (V5). I gladly passed my trial and happily went on as a content designer, once V6 came a lot of work needed doing and at the time they were few Content Designers so this is where I started to really put a lot of hard work into the department and I got a lot out of it. Ever since V6 came out I think I got Staff of the month in the department every month! I then joined the Habbox Help Desk on a 1 month trial and passed, however I didnt stay there for long as I needed to put more time into the Content Department. Many weeks after me resigning from the Help Desk, Skizzling resigned from the role of Content Design Manager & HotelUser (AGM Developments) at the time untill they found a suitable candidate for the new manager. Time went on and I went on holiday for 2 weeks, unfortunately we were only there for 3 days as my Grandad sadly passed away so we had to fly back. This is when xxMATTGxx (General Manager) offered me the position as Content Design Manager, I clearly accepted the role as the Content Department is what I enjoy the most about Habbox. I then had brief stints at the Help Desk Department, Events Department and Graphics Department, all of which I passed trials and got the full staff role. As you can see, I’m now Content Design Manager and a Forum Moderator which are my dream roles at Habbox. (Non General Management )

3) What is the most important thing you do as Content Manager?
I’d say everything I do as Content Design Manager is very Important as I have to make sure all the content is accurate and informing for the reader.

4) How long have you been with Habbox?
 I’ve been at Habbox since 2010 so about 2 years, in that time I’ve learnt many things and its all thanks to Habbox.

5) Why is content so important?
Without content we’d have no site, what’s Habbox with no site? You need info, guides, cool facts or a fansite is boring and no one will want to use it!

6) What is the difference between content and graphics, and why did you chose content over graphics?
The difference is that the Graphics department make all the cool looking graphics for the site, such as banners, images to go on the site and the Content department write all the content to go on the site so we come together to make a stunningly beautiful and informing site for everyone to use. The reason I choose Content is because at the time, I was rubbish at Graphics, didn’t even know what the department did to be truthful although as stated above, I have been in both departments

7) Why do you enjoy content so much?
I enjoy content so much because you know that people are going to get something out of what you do, whether its informing information or cool facts! I also enjoy the great family and relaxed feel we have to the team.

8) If you could only have one job (it can not be Content Manager) what would it be?
Non management would 100% be a Forum Moderator, I love the role as its great fun and you get a lot out of it at the end of the day. However if it was management I’d love to be the Forum manager as it just seems fun Obviously if it was General Management I’d love to be the General Manager one day…

9) If you did not play Habbo what other game would you play?
As it stands I dont really play Habbo alot now, never have really since I got hacked. I do however play quite a few other games such as Minecraft, Train Simulator, Flight Simulator, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and many more!

10) What do you do when not on Habbo or Habbox?
I usually just chill out with my mates, go see a movie, play games, watch TV. Anything I can find really

We would like to personally thank Zuth for doing this interview. Also if you would like to say something, why not comment it below?

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