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Fansite Criteria Change0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

We may be growing accustomed to the current selection of Fansites, but with the new Fansite criteria that have been imposed, there are definitely certain Fansites that will no longer hold their status.

This new update to the Fansite criteria has followed the varying level of quality that Habbo has witnessed when looking at different Fansites. They have now decided to introduce an audit, that will be checking all Fansites based on a new list of criteria, and this will be carried out every three months for all Fansites, to check that they work with these rules. Habbo has confirmed that this will be happening before the badges and VIP club membership are given out to Fansite owners.

The new criteria states that each of the following must happen for a Fansite to retain it’s status:

  • The Fansite must regularly post Habbo related news articles to the public
  • The Fansite cannot post news articles not related to Habbo
  • The Fansite must not contain any dead links
  • The Fansite must have links to the Habbo website on it
  • The Fansite radios must branch out, and contain news headers and links, which are related to Habbo updates
  • The Fansite must contain a clean domain name
  • Although it is only optional, Fansites are also highly encouraged to contain links to Habbo’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

These new rules clearly do not bode well for certain Fansites, especially those that merely work based upon a forum or those that do not post news articles. Habbo has also stated that they will have the final say on what sites remain on the list of Fansites, and that the process of updating the list should take a few weeks.

This new set of criteria for Fansites certainly has sparked some debate amongst the public, but what are your views? Click “Read More & Comment” to share your views.

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