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Fujitsu offers UK fast rural broadband network!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:11 pm

Fujitsu is to create a superfast broadband network for rural parts of the UK, rivaling BT’s service.

So, If your like me and you live in the middle of no where, surrounded by trees and the odd Rabbit, Never Fear! you will soon be able to get super fast broadband to keep you entertained!

Fujistu (I Don’t Get The Name Either) is going to make a super fast broadband connection though BT’s

 Much of the system will be built on BT infrastructure, such as underground ducting and phone poles, which it has been forced to open up to competitors.

Fujitsu wants £500,000,000m (Five Million Pounds) of government money to help fund this massive (and amazing) project. So where do you think this is going to come from? With our government as it is, Personally I think this is going to come straight out of yours (and my) Tax’s. But sadly without this money, the project will not be able to run, and we will have to stick with our slow and annoying internet!

The Directors of the company said this to the BBC:

“Assuming we are successful we would hope to add our first retail customer in 2012 and reach 5 million in three to five years,”

So, Hopefully next year, us rurelers (If that’s even a word?) will be joining you big city folk, in a NON LAGGY (But Friendly) Game of Call Of Duty, or Halo!


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