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Further Staff Cuts!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Recently, an article was produced by Habbox about the staff resignations and cuts that occurred over recent, previous months. Thinking this was the end to them, news and tweets have come out about even more cuts of the Sulake workforce, regardless of the 3 roles that were on offer after Grecian9 left, Unfortunately, the cuts aren’t a couple of workers, they’re 2/3 of the workforce!

PaulWalla/Paul LaFontaine, the CEO of Sulake sent tweets regarding the staff cuts:

‘Habbos, a few questions abt staff changes and effects on Hotel. All hotels stay open, site remains free, more games & more classic features.’
‘Habbo Community is the only priority for Sulake now. All energy goes only into making Habbo great.’

That’s all fine and good, but the community should have been their priority since Paul joined the Sulake team in September 2011 – the community makes Habbo and opinions of the games, classic features and such he suggested should have been thought of first.

The breaking news story shows that Sulake has around 90 employees and the changes being made will affect a maximum of 60 people – with a company as big as Sulake, regarding all the hotels and other games they have (mainly Habbo based ones) they’re going to need over 30 staff; this small amount isn’t even enough to moderate the site which they aren’t doing a tremendous job of!

Fortunately, the hotels shouldn’t change too much, only the business side which could of course mean players are spending more and more money to fund Sulake, even though the ‘hotels will still be free’ which isn’t true due to amount of Credits an average user buys.

The savings they need is due to the competition surrounding Sulake and Habbo – other sites are fast expanding and with the cuts from staff they will again make more money (even though they make a lot from Habbo itself). Furthermore, they’re planning on expanding the gaming platform they have which isn’t needed due to the latest games added being unneeded. The news report suggests Sulake have had a rough year with the Channel 4 news report on the sexualisation of Habbo but the site is still the same as before so sometimes things are swept under the carpet. Another thing, cutting the workforce will not help the pornography on the site which was reported – it will just be harder to moderate.

Overall, the site is focusing more on the gaming platform, imagining it would bring a lot more publicity to it; currently it hasn’t due to the games focusing too far from the actual game itself – hopefully the hotels will improve with these cuts but it appears that it could hinder the game.

What do you think of the staff cuts and do you think Habbo will improve? Give your views by clicking ‘Read More and Comment!’

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