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Game On! #10
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Joysticks ready? Stylus’ ready? Then get gaming!

This is a new Weekly Article provided for you by the News Department, it’s written by me, Samanfa and it will feature a weekly segment on the ever growing life of gaming! Seeing as it’s the first edition, I haven’t thought of games I’m going to review or those that are just about to be released, so, I have decided to introduce the Weekly Article and basically talk about what will be on the agenda for future weeks. I’ll also talk about how I got into gaming and the various games/consoles I have; don’t worry, this will not be spoken about each week!

I love gaming, I have many different consoles and I love various platforms, my favourites would probably be PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and SNES (yes I’m retro) but my gaming genres that I prefer differ so much, depending on what console I use. 

I received a PlayStation 2 shortly after its release, the first game I had was Sims (the original kind) and usually, the first one you get is the one you enjoy the most. In my case, this was somewhat true, although I love Sims Bustin’ Out and Urbz: Sims in the City too. Considering I was only about 8 at the time of getting this game, it was obvious my enjoyment wouldn’t last that long and alas I rarely play now, unless I fancy it. As opposed so Sims I prefer playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Pop Idol

I remember counting up all the change I had in my tin and my various money boxes, I realised I just had enough for a Nintendo DS but my dad wouldn’t accept the fact that most of my money was 20p coins, I did get the console though; since then I’ve had a Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. My first game in this case was Pippa Funnell, I found it rather boring but in reality I only had one game so it would tire on me. I especially didn’t like the ‘Dressage‘ mode and ended up failing that each time; luckily I traded the game in and now have a small collection stacked away somewhere. Unlike the PlayStation 2, the Sims games which you can get for a DS are appalling, I don’t even know how to navigate and wish they were still made for the retro consoles, it would make me keep buying games! Overall, my favourite games for the DS are FIFA 06, Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Games and My Word Coach!

Ah, a SNES, the one up from a NES which I was never lucky enough to have, and better yet mine still works (so I still play on it). Recently, SNES games or one in particular have been released for other platforms such as the Nintendo Wii, I bought them and they’re just like the old ones; it’s amazing! I will always remember Nintendo for Mario and Luigi, as well as other famous characters that made that platfom… oh and Zelda too! Can’t forget him. Although I haven’t played on my SNES in a while, the games I mainly like are Spanky (a game only fitted for the American style SNES, which I can still play) but due to me always losing it I managed to find an Emulator Application that worked well on my phone, so that gave me the joy I missed. I also love the Mario games… well Yoshi’s Island scared me, especially when the Blue Whale thing jumped out at you, it made me scream!

Anyway, enough about me, this weekly will look at games on the horizon of release like FIFA 13 was the other day – I really don’t understand why they release so early, unless for Christmas Presents. However, this article will be varied from reviews of the games I have, information on new games, old games, whatever we fancy! Also, if you want anything featured in the next edition, feel free to clikck on ‘Read More & Comment!’

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