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Habboxween comps!

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Habboxween comps!
Habboxween is here!

Habboxween is here!

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Habboxween is here!
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'Gamer's Corner' returns!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

After a short break ‘Gamer’s Corner’ has returned! 

That’s right folks, Neja has presented to us… the return of ‘Gamer’s Corner’. Now, for those of you who are quite forgetful or are new players, you may not know what ‘Gamer’s Corner’ is… we can’t have that can we! Let’s explain what ‘Gamer’s Corner’ actually is;

Gamer’s Corner gives users the chance to have their brilliantly designed gaming rooms to be shown off to the entire community! Each week, Neja will choose 2-3 gaming rooms and they will be placed into the ‘Staff Picks’ section of the navigator along with being mentioned in a news article & the hotel manager’s stream.

In order for people to get the spotlight on their room a poll needs to be filled in! The poll can be located here: http://www.habbo.com/client?forwardId=2&roomId=51177225 and either the room link or room owner & room name must be submitted. Neja will then check through all rooms and decide which 2-3 deserve to be under the spotlight for 1 week! 

So, I bet you’re all keen to know the winning rooms for this week. Well, here they are; 

* Snowboarding Mountain by out0fcontrol
* Snowboarding by Event

(Yes, the theme for this week was snowboarding!)

These winners (like all other winners of this competition) received an exclusive badge and a trophy signed by Neja! An even better reason to enter someone’s room into this competition.

On a final note – don’t forget that Neja will be hanging out in these rooms at random dates and times for the next week!

What are your opinions on ‘Gamer’s Corner’? Post them below by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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