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Gaming – Part 20
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:16 pm

To read part one please click here

Last week I spoke about the Sims as being my first memorable gaming experience, the one I spent hours on, etc. Now, I’m back with the second part of the gaming story and onto a much harder, more violent game series. Grand Theft Auto, GTA for short was my next addiction I must say, still good today as I played it with my boyfriend the other week and by God it brought back memories. I found it weird that I knew every word to every K-Rose song playing and still knew how to play. Now, I’m not an extremely violent person in real life but the game is fun to me, I think I find it good as it’s not literally happening so I will not get hurt myself.

I didn’t just decide one day that I want to play that game, it looks good, and go out and buy it. I originally remember going to my cousins and he was stealing fire-engines, setting cars on fire, killing himself in the Vice City game as water equaled death! I then enjoyed playing with him and my sister all taking it in turns, and then I grew to love the San Andreas version, I think it was more of the free will in the game, not having to follow a specific story, and my experience grew from there.

Although it is an 18 rated game I still play it, yes it’s violence and the language is vulgar and abrupt but if you are under age and sensitive I don’t see any problem with turning the volume down! What I enjoyed doing most in the game was going to Dillimore it was easy to Spawn cars there, and easy to find a home for your family (yes I made up a family, pretended they kept getting lost, you know the usual.)

I still play it today as said before about playing it with my boyfriend the other week, however, now I use cheat codes, as I don’t aim to complete the game properly, I just find it as a harmless bit of fun!

Next time, I will continue with my love of PC games!

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