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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Yesterday the Habbo staff informed us that it was the 4th day of Chinese New Year and traditionally you celebrate with a lavish dinner and the Habbo staff plan to do that. However, there is a big problem, as there are a few staff members going to Kitano’s house for the meal but of course not everyone has the same tastes! The people on the guest list are: Puffin, Neja, Yurre, ChronoZomfg, and the Yeti, they were the lucky ones who got chosen! So, Habbo have released a competition that closes on the 28th January and you must submit a dish that Kitano could make which would please all the staff members attending.

To help you, Kitano has gave a little information about what food types the staff like and dislike and here they are:

Neja loves Haggis, cupcakes and jellybeans but hates liver and blood sausages. She is also crazy about Sushi.

Yurre loves cheese but hates seafood. She really hates sea food. 

ChronoZomfg is a lapsed vegan- he’ll eat meat, but feel bad about it later on.

Puffin is happy to eat anything, as long as it’s prepared nice.

The Yeti (who still seems to be hanging around) will eat almost anything, but hates anything sour.

So, any ideas? I would love to know your ideas. I have submitted my entry in already. That’s not all though, with every competition comes a prize and if you come in the top 5 you will receive a mega hamper of every food item in the hotel whereas the 1st person will win a secret rare to go with the hamper! What are you waiting for? Enter now if you haven’t already and good luck.

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