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Get ready to… VOICE YOUR OPINION!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm
That’s right… UserVoice has returned!
On this magnificent day, many users logged into Habbo to see a delightful and intriguing message underneath their avatar which said “We’d love to hear from you! Please visit our feedback site and share your ideas with us.”… prompting the return of the ‘UserVoice Forum’. This immediately sparked interest throughout the Habbo community and 100’s of users have already visited the forum, eager to browse/vote/comment and even share new ideas/improvements they have for Habbo Hotel! There are already over 85 ideas on the forum and an array of comments… all achieved in under 24 hours… we can clearly see the ‘UserVoice Forum’ will be a huge hit again!
However, there has been a wide amount of confusion (especially in the Habbox HelpDesk) over what the ‘UserVoice Forum’ is and how to access it. So, we’re here to inform you of the important details!
What is the ‘UserVoice Forum’?!
The ‘UserVoice Forum’ is a forum (ironically) which gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas/improvements to the Sulake staff team and hopefully have them implemented into the Hotel! You can also comment, vote and browse through other ideas (in a variety of categories) posted on that forum – whether it be anything to do with ‘Room features’ or maybe something to do with ‘Habbo exchange’. There are a huge array of categories and quite a lot of popular ideas already posted… the idea with the most votes has 307 votes! Ultimately, the aim of the UserVoice Forum is to give you a chance to voice your opinion to Sulake.
How do I access it?
So many people are wondering how to access the UserVoice Forum, so we thought we’d tell you:
1) Go to the ‘Pilots Of The Revolution’ group page > www.habbo.com/groups/P-O-T-R > and click ‘Join’ in the top right corner. You do not need to favourite the group!
2) Go to your personal homepage > www.habbo.com/me > and look for the line “We’d love to hear from you! Please visit our feedback site and share your ideas with us.” underneath your avatar.
3) Click the hyperlinked text (show in italics above) and you will have full access to the UserVoice Forum. After you have clicked the hyperlinked text, you will be able to visit the forum through different links – e.g. http://habbo.uservoice.com/forums/146450-habbo-uservoice-forum-january-2012.
As mentioned earlier, there have already been a number of ideas posted on the UserVoice Forum gaining a wide amount of popularity. If you are still unconvinced about browsing through the forum, maybe the top 10 ideas will make you change your mind…
1. Don’t revive Habbo X’s/Hobbas/Guides/Officers – created by Grumpula – 307 votes!
2. Remove the Habbo Exchange 1c Tarrif – 50c = 50c – created by KSU – 288 votes!
3. Bring back the OLD BattleBall – created by jacko880 – 257 votes!
4. Bring back public Room – Round 2 – created by J-Raviv – 224 votes!
5. Stop giving out furniture which isn’t tradeable – created by Loose – 212 votes!
6. Re-introduce the ‘Habbo Guides’ system – created by Inexorably – 157 votes!
7. Bring back Public Rooms – created by Chrissyscott7 – 144 votes!
8. Bring Habbo eXperts back – created by Rolah – 121 votes!
9. Update new groups by offering addition add-ons – created by Rolah – 104 votes!
10. Abuse pets – created by Rolah – 78 votes!
Although the return of this forum may seem like an amazing idea… there has been a huge amount of foul play being involved on the forum! Specifically… people creating clones to vote for their own ideas.
We cannot name anyone specifically – but a number of the ideas in the top 10 received a huge mass of votes almost instantly, some were literally receiving 3 votes every time you refreshed the page… utter madness! There is really no way to tell if an idea is simply popular or if clones are involved, but the comments can give you a hint. For example, one of the answers up there only has 2 comments yet a high number of votes – this makes it suspicious because some of the other ideas with high-votes have amassed a wide number of comments (10+). This is not a definite way of telling if someone has used clones to boost their votes or not… but the comments can occasionally hint (don’t jump to conclusions though).
I personally think that this is a fantastic re-addition for Habbo. I didn’t expect 1 of my ideas to reach the top 10 at all, but it seems to be that this forum is gaining a huge amount of popularity rather quickly… I’ve already debated with 3 people on comments and thanked others for their support. This is also a much better alternative to ‘Soapbox’ where you can only have 2 minutes to say your idea and only 50 people can enter the room max – whereas unlimited amounts of people can join this forum… this is truly showing how much Sulake care about our opinions!
The design has also changed slightly – it is indeed more professional and easier to navigate around, but many users would prefer the old design which included specific pages on “under review” and “completed” topics – making it much easier to see issues Sulake are willing to explore. There has also been a slight outcry in regards to ‘votes’. On the old UserVoice Forum, each user had 50 votes which they could give on individual topics – now, there is only 10 votes which is insane to most users because they will run out instantly… what if we like more than 10 ideas? Or feel that 4 ideas deserve 3 votes each? There is a major dilemma occurring here.
Many users had their own opinions on the return of the UserVoice Forum, and here are just some of them;
Red: “God, the top ideas are rubbish cause they went on clones and voted >;l and there isn’t enough votes – aaaaah!”
Ajthedragon: “I love the new forum. I cast all my votes in a flash though!
McDonalds: “Woo, I’m glad it’s back! I’ll probably do some votes and maybe even think up some ideas.
Overall, this seems to be a fairly impressive re-addition by Sulake and will probably become even more popular over the coming weeks. Let’s end this article on a philosophical note;
“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about!”
Have you posted an idea on the forum yet? Have you browsed through other ideas and found them interesting? Do you even have access to the forum? Share your opinion now by posting it below!

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