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Girls Galore0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:15 pm

Girls Life magazine offers more badges!

Are you a girl that loves fashion, dates, cooking, celebrity gossip and all those girly things? You do? Then Girls Life magazine is definatly the one for you!

Girls Life, is a magazine dedicated to girls and their lifes (obviously), it also always keeps the girls up to date with the latest celeb gossip, Fashion, dating tips and even food recipes! Girls Life magazine has been working with Habbo for a month now and once again they have more quizzes for you to take part in that can earn you cool habbo badges.

Girls Life magazine have two quizzes ready and waiting for you down on the client (here) so why not head over to the Girls Life beauty salon and go grab those glamorous badges!

If you are in need of help, or aren’t 100% sure on what the answers are, head over to the Girls Life website (here) where you will be able to find them and secure your place of claming those glorious badges.

Good luck and enjoy!

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