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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

After weeks of school competitons, games and lots of fun; the habbo school has now be closed!

As the children leave, and the teachers pack their final belongings the school which once was full of happy people is now left as a quiet, deserted place where no man dare go back in it alone!

We have seen competitions where we had an outbreak of pets including the rare golden dragon to claming your turf, which was a task set by habbo where you must find the right classroom and vote for you school team and whoever got the most votes, got the most points!

We had: The Habcats, The Gnorks, The BHFs and The Punks all battling it out to rule to school!

It was a tough few weeks, but one special team shone through above everyone else…

THE GNORKS! A large group of Geeks, Dorks, Nerds managed to vote, and play their way to victory through the sheer number of people that joined their troop!

Congratulations to The Gnorks who all win themselves the Golden Graduation Badge.

All that remained was the last few bits of school furniture which has now left to catalogue. Maybe it will return? Who knows!

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