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Grand Boulevard winners announced!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm

Thousands of Habbos visited the Boutiques…but who won?! 

For those of you who remember, last week Habbo Staff choose the best looking 15 boutiques. Then they came up with an ingenious plan to decide on an overall winner (and 2 runners up) – by having the community decide! This didn’t involve a voting process, instead the 15 rooms were placed into the ‘Boutique Boulevard’ and the 3 rooms which received the most visitors would become the winners!

Do you want to know who won? Tough, we can’t tell you. Of course you do! The boutique in 3rd place was…

‘Fashion Boutique’ – Created by Candyblock, Epic, L3VENDI, excuses and Xemnas. They received a superb 11,069 visitors in their boutique, within 72 hours!

In 2nd place…

‘La beaute boutique’ – Created by Astronomist, Moffins, Rainbow and Volumise. They received a fantastic 11,147 visitors within 72 hours! (Such a short margin between 3rd and 2nd place.)

In first place and taking the glamorous crown is…

‘Clothing Store’ – Created by Today, Gloom and Unposted,. They received an outstanding 24,183 visitors within 72 hours! ‘Gucci hats’ off to them!

3rd Place and 2nd Place received a Boutique Badge and a Pink spaceship door, whereas 1st Place received the Boutique Badge and a Monolith (Black spaceship door).

However, Habbo have already announced that Boutique furniture will be packed up by the end of Tuesday… So if you want a glamorous Boutique, hurry up and purchase the furniture!

Commiserations to the other 12 Boutique owners, who didn’t receive a prize, we are sure their Boutiques were fabulous!

Did you enter a Boutique for the competition? Did you visit any of the Boutique’s? Will you be sad to see the furniture range go? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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