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Gripped by Rugby5
By - Posted 23rd September, 2015 at 8:47 pm Entertainment

In what can only be described as an unprecedented and wholly out of character act from me, I’ve been following the ongoing Rugby World Cup. Shocking, right? That someone who spends their time deciding whether or not to use coconut and almond or lemon and lime shampoo for thirty-five minutes could be captivated by an activity that essentially involves headbutting some of the heaviest men in sport in a muddy field.

I’ve never really been an avid sports fan, and certainly if I tried my hand at rugby nowadays, I’m sure I would run in the opposite direction, pass the ball to the wrong team and succinctly be sent off in a stretcher with a fractured collarbone, two broken ribs and a punctured spleen. Sports has never been my bag and I know a lot of people who feel the same way. But watching sports like rugby or cricket on the television is a different matter. Not always, but for big events like the Rugby World Cup, I do find myself possessed by this hidden inner patriotism and need to watch the game – if only to make sure my own country don’t lose. Of course, in recent years, that’s been the case less and less, with England infamously missing out on winning the World Cup (once again), and Andy Murray being defeated during Wimbledon, it begs the question: ‘am I missing much if I’m not watching?’ Personally, the answer for me has been an emphatic no. However, there’s always one thing that can hook me in and make me Google the results to see if we’re still in – and that’s the atmosphere.

I hold very fond memories of my trips to Stratford during the London Olympics 2012 and London Paralympics 2012, as it was a rare occasion to actually get behind my country patriotically and reinforce the good in something for once, in a world otherwise peppered with doom and gloom. That’s what I like so much about watching sports – even your otherwise uninterested grandmother can become an avid fan almost overnight. I watched the England vs Fiji game with bated breath and quickly found myself immersed in this rather violent game, picking up the rules as it went on – even caught myself shouting angrily at the referee through the television at one point. Of course, once the game had finished, I kept checking to see when the next game was on, and who was playing. Immediately, I looked forward to seeing Ireland vs Canada – and when I heard that Japan beat South Africa, I pretty much spat my drink everywhere (no offense to the Japanese, it just caught me unaware).

But I digress – my point is that I love how sport has an overwhelming ability to bring people, families, or even the whole country together for the same real reason – pride. I can admit without hesitation that I was very proud to be British when the Olympic Games were being hosted in our capital, and more so when I was there to see the events from the sidelines. That being said, the moment I heard the term ‘snapped Achilles tendon’ I turned off everything electronic and hid in my bed until the cringe thoughts went away. Especially the word ‘snapped’, that’s far too graphic for my liking.

Anyway, what about you guys? Have you been eagerly following the Rugby World Cup? Do you find yourself watching anything and everything sport-related, or are you like me, just as and when there’s a big event? Drop me a comment below and let me know how you feel about big sporting events, and whether they’re worth your time!



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    Baabycakezz commented on 23rd September, 2015

    Loved this Drew! Very fun!

    Joe commented on 24th September, 2015

    My girlfriend’s brother is running a Rugby World Cup sweepstake and as someone that doesn’t really care about rugby I didn’t really bother finding out who I got. I then found out I got New Zealand, so looks like I’m in a chance to actually win! I love watching big events when they happen, so I’ll be making sure I’m watching everything!

    David commented on 24th September, 2015

    “whether or not to use coconut and almond or lemon and lime shampoo” LOL.

    I usually actively avoid all things rugby, but can and do watch other sports and reading this article I get what you mean about the atmosphere. It can be incredible.

    And when it comes to bringing families together, my family is slightly different in that we always end up supporting different teams from each other. Which can lead to a ribbing if one of them loses. It’s still a lot of fun though.

    Great article, Drew. Keep them coming.

    Lexous commented on 24th September, 2015

    I’ve kept my eye on the All Blacks for a wholly different reason, but as someone who is very prone to the thrill of gambling, I would absolutely love to be in a sweepstake like that, haha! Watching their game against Namibia now and they’re certainly a force to be reckoned with, @Joe!

    @David, I know what you mean! My dad and uncle are devoted Tottenham fans, but my aunt is a fiercely Arsenal – as you can imagine, it used to be a lot of shouting when the family got together. That being said, I still also enjoyed that atmosphere – good to see a bunch of people passionate about one thing (as long as it was kept civil, of course).

    Lexous commented on 1st November, 2017

    … [Trackback]

    […] There you will find 54493 more Infos: habbox.com/all-articles/gripped-by-rugby […]

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