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Grr! Maintenance Madness!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

“Sorry, the hotel will be closing for maintenance… bear with us whilst we introduce nothing new to the hotel!”

Don’t you just love logging into Habbo in the morning, going to a room to chat to some friends and maybe even playing some games… until the dreaded hotel alert appears which mentions “maintenance”! It’s a message which only presents false hope and basically informs people that they are going to get their hopes dashed when the hotel comes back online (after 2 hours)…

Let’s start to pick the maintenance message apart:

“The hotel will be going offline for maintenance” – This is the main part of the message which is simply, incredibly annoying to so many users. Hotel alerts with friendly messages from staff are never seen anymore, it’s very easy to predict what a hotel alert is likely to say now-a-days. This part of the message is slowly starting to occur quite often (nearly every day) and immediately causes a room full of users to go “URGH, another maintenance!”.

“For 15 minutes” – Hah. There is no way that a maintenance is ever 15 minutes long! This message is incredibly misleading to many users who get their hopes up about logging back into Habbo 15 minutes after they disconnect. Instead, the maintenance break usually takes about 1 hour (sometimes, even 2 hours) and do we even get an apology for such a long maintenance….


“To add some cool stuff to the hotel!” – are you kidding me? Half of the maintenances don’t even involving adding ‘cool stuff’ to the hotel at all… it is usually updates on the ‘technical side’, ones that we never see! Also, if they have been updating the ‘technical side’ of Habbo… please explain why random disconnections still occur? Besides, maintenance isn’t actually required to place items in the catalogue, they can be placed straight into the catalogue whilst people are on the hotel.

The fact is, Sulake are addicted to providing a maintenance break for Habbo every day and it’s getting continuously annoying, no-one wants a mis-leading maintenance message or to have their hopes dashed. We are promised ‘cool stuff’ for the hotel and we end up with either horrible updates or nothing new being introduced.

Fix your misleading messages Sulake and stop irritating everyone with these pointless maintenance breaks!

Do you absolutely hate the maintenance breaks? What do you do whilst a maintenance break occurs? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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