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Guess who's back… (back again)?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


Since I previously left articles to devote much of my time to refurbishing HabboxLive, I figured it’d be a good idea to write a brush-up ‘article’ on real life, with my own usual personal touch. Yes, that’s right, Kimmy’s back… Oh, man. This will be one of those articles that rants about everything and anything, setting me off on (I hope) the right foot; God help my ADD. I knew I’d be writing a game plan at some point, so what’s better than to turn it into an actual article?

A prospective idea in the running is to write an inside scoop of HabboxLive, since becoming manager means I know all of the fabulous goss. It takes up more or less all of my time, but here I am, offering my soul and body to yet another role. Okay, perhaps not my body… I’m sure Brad doesn’t want that. What would be cool, is if some of you guys offered some scoop and ideas to write about; ask me what you want to know about myself and HabboxLive!

Since my life is busy, I have just about everything to write about… At least, I hope that I do. Although there’s been some stink up about the lack of Habbo based articles, I’ll stick to my personal flaunt and let everyone else do the work. I’m kidding! I’ll just… inch in what I can here and there, while ranting about whatever subject interests myself, and I hope, you guys. Once again, let me know what you actually want to hear.

I’d really love to write something about dreams again. I think that the very last article I wrote on this subject was while inebriated… bad idea, considering that my mental state while completely sober is nothing better! Dreams are cool, though; something that’s always interested me. I had a dream last night that two HabboxLive DJs were trying to take back the crackers that I’d stolen from my Taiwan friend. If any of you can find a meaning for that, I’d be really interested…

I do believe that as Habbox staff, and now an integrated member of the community, I’ve certainly developed. It’d be cool to do a series of articles based on your position and feelings when you initially sign up to Habbox, to when you’ve gotten used to it and have started settling in… Perhaps follow the development through different roles and jobs. If you’re interested in signing up as staff and are reading this, maybe you could be my test subject? Come and be my guinea pig, I promise I won’t dress you up!

I’ll cut it here, I think. This article was completely on whim, likely what any upcoming articles will be like from me. I have some extreme problems with finding the right mentality and inspiration, so whatever I write will either come entirely from the heart, or from absolutely nowhere… Much like this one. I’m pretty much thrilled to be back, and willing to throw myself into the deep end… mostly because being thrown into the shallow end hurts!

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