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[Guest Article] My First HxSS7
By - Posted 31st August, 2015 at 6:58 pm Habbox

The Summer Spectacular has drawn to a close and the community’s very own Baabycakezz (affectionately known as Boobycakes) has given us her personal account of the occasion in this very special Guest Article. Give it a read and relive the summer one last time 🙂

So, as you may or may not know Habbox’s 9th (yes 9th!) annual Summer Spectacular is over for another year. Can you believe how quickly that two weeks of events, competitions, radio shows and more has passed?

As my first HxSS I didn’t really know what to expect from the event but I gathered that it had been highly anticipated as everyone began to ask each other what teams they would be joining, asking each other on what date it was starting and persuading their friends to join the same team as them.

After a year of waiting the thread was released for players to pick their teams, and wasn’t it a mad rush?!
I’m sure I wasn’t the only person at war with myself deciding whether I was to choose the team I most wanted to join or the team that my friends wanted me to join. Now that it’s all over I can safely say that I’m glad I chose to go with the team my friends joined as although I was in green (we came 4th if you didn’t know) Habbox Summer Spectacular was great for bringing people together and strengthening friendships and I definitely made some friends in my team.

And so it began. On the 8th of august 2015 the Summer Spectacular kicked off with an extremely fun-filled day. We had the current general manager lawrawrrr keeping us dancing with our requests through the radio for most of the day while firing lots of on air comps our way. We had a competition from articles and a couple from the competitions department on the forum as well, and last but not least the main attraction — the events that took up almost every hour of the day.

Stop the Bus with me, sackrace, Comity, A4R0N, Aksum, Davemateee, Monotonous., Dupion, Zitrone, Elegance, Expling, cameron446:, chloe7355, thms, lawrawrrr, FlyingJesus and Yawn

Everyone was in high spirits as the Habbox Summer Spectacular kicked off with plenty of players from each team playing the events and entering the competitions. Throughout the two weeks it was interesting to see the numbers dwindle down to the players who were the most determined to collect as many points as they could with one player (dbgtz) even taking the lead by thousands of points towards the end of the competition.

Jellyfish, Rachie-Dachie, Comity, dbgtz and I lining up early for a HxSS event

Now it was clear to see that after the first week of the competition who was potentially going to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in their teams, with the exception of the blue team who still had many players taking part in the events and competing with each other (despite a strong sense of teamwork between them as well) to finish at the top of their teams leader boards and gain not only the victory but the prize too.

Well, with the good came the bad so I can’t go without mentioning all the complaining that came from the determined players over the two weeks. To name a few; we had the not-so-favourable queues, problems with leaderboards, and DJs not receiving competition entries, but most prominent of them all was the countless accusations of cheating.

Me and dbgtz falling in love

Overall, my experience of Habbox’s 9th Summer Spectacular was a great one. From the endless events, to the friendships made and prizes won, to the overall atmosphere of the competition, I can safely say that I enjoyed every moment. There were highs — Being first overall on the leader board, Lows — spending 6 and a half hours doing the HxSS maze with Ozzinator and dbgtz who made it bearable (showing good sportsmanship with a player from red and black!), and sad times — When the last event finished and Zitrone had done a wonderful set up of lights, smoke and lettering saying that HxSS was over for another year.

Has your appetite for adventure been sufficiently whet? Keep your eyes peeled for information on our next big event over at!

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    Kyle commented on 31st August, 2015

    gr8 article boobycakes m8 i really love hxss

    Zitrone commented on 31st August, 2015

    hxss was delicious this year i enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

    Bikini commented on 31st August, 2015

    good job. i like

    Joe commented on 31st August, 2015

    Nice article Katy!

    MrsPlant commented on 1st September, 2015

    awww i really loved this! well done! Miss Boobycakes!
    Was my first hxss too so was rather enjoyable 😀

    Baabycakezz commented on 1st September, 2015

    Thank you everyone that’s really nice:)

    thms commented on 1st September, 2015

    oh i’m just crying i miss it so much :'(