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GUIDE: Habbox Mirrored Dimensions2
By - Posted 28th September, 2018 at 10:55 am Guides & TipsHabbox

Ever felt lost between Summer and Halloween? Not really know what you’re doing? When’s the right time to put up jack-o-lanterns and animatronic skeletons?

We know that feeling. In fact… we’ve built a whole event about it! This September and October, Habbox is taking you from this world into AnOtHeR DiMeNsIoN. Join us for a special 10-day event and journey through our mega maze to get your eyes on our special badge… then make your way back through its spooky sister to get another. Prepare for Halloween fun!

For the full guide for this event, click “read more and comment” below!

Search Habbox or Its.Dino for the entrance! Or, you can click here: https://www.habbo.com/room/72790023

Step 1: Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 2: Both players need to step on the two tiles on both sides so they change colours. Flick the switch when it appears. You have 30 seconds to complete this level.

Step 3: Go through the tele.

Step 4: Walk to the other side. Only move when you are not holding coffee. Flick the switch once you reach it.

Step 5: Go through the tele

Step 6: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 7: Use the arrow keys to guide the robot plushy onto all four Color Tiles. When all Color Tiles are green, say “done” – you have 1 minute to complete this.

Step 8: Enter the tele

Step 9: Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 10: Get over all the pods and step on the tile before the dragon gets there.

Step 11: Enter tele

Step 12: Flick all the switches until you teleport behind the desk

Step 13: Double click the Saloon Dinks Cabinet

Step 14: Enter the tele

Step 15: Get to the other side without stepping on the rollers or the grass.

Step 16: Enter the tele

Step 17: Flick the switches to be teleported. It changes every time!

Step 18: Get to the other side and flick the switch. Avoid being hit by the HC Knights

Step 19: Enter the tele

Step 20: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 21: Step on all the Color Tiles once to turn them yellow (stepping on them twice will turn them orange!). Avoid stepping on the tracks. Make it to the end and step on the green tile.

Note: you only have 5 seconds to step on the green tile once you’re at the end!

Step 22: Enter the Hot Spring Teleport

Step 23: Walk on and off the following furni items to turn on the street lamps. Once all five are lit, say done!

Step 24: Enter the tele

Step 25: Get to the switches by stepping only on the rocks. Avoid the animals along the way.

Step 26: Enter the tele

Step 27: Move along the Bongos to get to the green tile. Click fast so you don’t step on the red tiles.

Step 28: Enter the tele

Step 29: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 30: Say “jump” to jump over the box. Don’t let it hit you for 30 seconds.

Step 31: Enter the tele

Step 32: Walk into the mysterious portal and enter tele

Step 33: Walk out of the portal to receive your first badge.

This room is a CHECKPOINT! To return here at a later time, wear the badge above and step on this tile in the entrance room! 

Step 34: Enter tele

Step 35: Say “jump” to jump over the box. Survive for 30 seconds.

Step 36: Enter the tele

Step 37: Get to the green tile without stepping on the red tiles highlighted below.

Step 38: Enter the tele

Step 39: Make your way to the switch by staying on the rocks. Avoid the werewolves!

Step 40: Enter the tele

Step 41: Flick the switches below (in order)

Step 42: Flick this switch to teleport

Step 43: Enter the tele

Step 44: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 45: Stay on the rollers and flick all three switches

Step 46: Go through the one-way and through the area gate. You have one minute!

Step 47: Enter the tele

Step 48: Flick the switches until all the lamps are on. Then say done!

Step 49: Get to the other side and flick the switch. Avoid the Glowing Ghosts

Step 50: Enter the tele

Step 51: Get to the other side by stepping only on the Swamp Logs

Step 52: Enter the tele

Step 53: Get to the switch and avoid stepping on the moving mice

Step 54: Enter the tele

Step 55: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 56: Get through all the pods and one-way gates and step on the tile before the dragon.

Step 57: Enter the tele

Step 58: Wait patiently in the queue

Step 59: Get through the snake maze and step on the green tile before the robot

Step 60: Enter tele

Step 61: Get to the switch and flick it while avoiding the raiders. Also, don’t walk with coffee in your hand.

Step 62: Enter the tele

Step 63: Take a pear from the pear tree to get your badge!

Hope you enjoyed this Habbox event!

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Alex. Commented on 30th September, 2018

Laboratory/Mirrored (Step 59) is currently broken 🙁 gate won’t open and we have been in here for about an hour

Ozad Commented on 30th September, 2018

Thank you for the guide!! <3 x

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