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Guild Gate Released in Habbo0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:30 pm

After the release of the new style of Habbo Groups a few months ago, a selection of furni was available to customize with your group colors so that you

 could make your group homeroom personal to you. After this, no major updates were applied to groups (except the introduction of the ability to lock a group homeroom) until now. Today, Habbo introduced a new piece of group furni, the guild gate, into the Habbo shop. 

What is the Guild Gate?
The guild gate is a new piece of group furni that allows you to only allow habbo’s that have membership to certain groups through. The guild gate looks and works like a glass door, but is configurable to automatically lower when members of a certain group attempt to pass through it.

Who can buy the gate for certain groups?
To buy a guild gate, you must be a member of the group that you would like to allow to pass through it. You only have to be a member of the group to buy the gate, and are not required to have admin permissions or to own the group.

How can you  customize the gate to a specific group?
Customizing the gate to a specific group is simple. When you go to the shop and click onto the guild gate, a group’s name will appear below the animation of the gate. Click this and you will be presented with a list of groups that you are a member of. Simply select one of these and click ‘buy’ and the gate will automatically be customized for your group. Be aware though, you cannot change the group that your guild gate is set to allow in, so ensure that you select the correct group before you buy it. Also, as with all group furni, the colors of the base of the gate will remain the same as when you purchased it, even if you change your group colors after that.

Many habbo’s seem to like the new guild gates, and find them a welcome addition to the range of new group furni.
But what do you think?


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