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Habbo announce the best TV pitches!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm

The pitches have been reviewed, the ‘judges’ have made their decision and the best 12 have been chosen! 

After being inundated with 1000’s of applications for the first round of Habbo’s ‘TV Contest’, the staff have selected their favourite pitches. The decision was so hard, they decided to choose 12 pitches instead of the original 10 (aren’t they generous!)

The staff definitely made their decisions wisely by choosing a wide range of genres and unique storylines! So we can guarantee that you’ll be stuck for choice when considering which pitch is your favourite. If you are considering entering the ‘Quiet on Set’ competition, these 12 pitches are bound to give you some inspiration (choose wisely, if you enter the ‘Quiet on set’ competition, you can only do 1 pitch.)

I bet you’re all eager to see the winning pitches, so let me go ahead and announce them;

1. Title = A Dash Of Glam
Creator = Toqqle
Genre = Drama and mystery.

2. Title = Show Time!
Creator = rebalpenguiV2
Genre = Musical and drama.

3. Title = Freaks on Parade
Creator = Phreq
Genre = Comedy.

4. Title = Saturday Night FEVER
Creator = pancakeparty
Genre = Drama and mystery.

5. Title = The Secrets of Gabriel
Creator = oobylicious 
Genre = Fantasy and drama.

6. Title = Into the Void  
Creator = GamesMaster94
Genre = Cometion (comedy and action).

7. Title = Hell’s Freezing
Creator = Devlik
Genre = Reality and sports.

8. Title = I Just Came To Say Hello
Creator = Bullet
Genre = Drama.

9. Title = The Chasers
Creator = eathScythe
Genre = Sci-Fi and fantasy.

10. Title = Living After Life
Creator = ,97
Genre = Action, horror, drama and adventure.

11. Title = Habbo affairs
Creator = Xast
Genre = Reality and news.

12. Title = The Pixel-Pet Wrangler
Creator = Verai
Genre = Animal, educational and comedy.

So, there’s the list of the winning 12 pitches. If you wish to see the storylines to all these pitches, please visit We hope you enjoy and gather inspiration from the pitches.

Did you enter a pitch for this competition? Which one of the above pitches sounds most interesting? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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