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Habbo boost of creativity for Halloween! – Part 20
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Freaking out your neighbors!

If you’ve read my last news report (‘‘Habbo boost of creativity for Halloween! – Part 1”), then you know already what I’m going to talk about as the title just gives it away. In the last article, new Habboween furniture was shown and the updates continue, this time with effects and badges.

Some people still have the effects from last year, like the Knife on the Back or the White Ghost one but this year, we can say Sulake had much more imagination and as you can see from the image on the left, nine new effects will be available for purchase and these seem really creative, don’t they look creepy? Take a look at that clown!

But what’s better than finding out what our members think about them?
,AAiden: ”They’re alright… I guess.”
Intersocial: ”That long green tail is amazing!”
auffant1: ”Love the clown and alien.”

Thanks to Michaeel for finding out that these new Habboween effects will be coming in client.

Also, four new, creepy badges were uploaded. These look very strange because they appear to be like the Ghost Light furniture, but with a major addition that is so obvious that you probably noticed it: Santa’s hat.

As Sulake is all about making even more money, Intersocial found out that these badges will only be achieved by going through Costume Hoppers, but to be able to do so, players need to buy a costume (effect), which requires the use of Pumpkins. If you’ve read the article ”Beware of Fair Horrors”, you already know that during this month, for each coin bought, 5 Pumpkins will be received for free. This means that members would need to buy credits if they want to earn these badges.

Curious if other Habbox users like or dislike them?
Seikou: ”Not really fond of them, don’t think they look very nice.”
McDonalds: ”Look pretty good for achievement badges.”
e5: ”They look cool”

Click ”Read More & Comment” to share your opinions about these updates!
Is it unfair to need to spend so much money just to get a few badges, effects and furniture?


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