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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Many Habbo Hotel players find their main source of fun Habbo businesses, do you even know about these?

These businesses have been around for quite a while now. They provide fun, and maybe excitement to the Habbo experience. There is many of them too. There is the White House, owned by Financier. There is CSI, owned by .:Gabbana:. and of-course EPF, owned by ThunderWolfX. 

There is many more than just these 3. Some pay, some don’t. Not only this, but they normally have advanced wired systems! Lets look at a overview of the 3 businesses mentioned earlier.

The White House – Financier:

The White House holds a very prestigious rank in the Habbo businesses. It has been around since July 18th 2010! It has 40+ rooms, and a great design. The people inside the White House are friendly and welcoming and are always happy to help. There is some very complex wired systems in this business, including the fabulous Gate Control. I absolutely love the employees at the White House.

{CSI} New York – .:Gabbana:.

CSI is another great business, this time created by .:Gabbana:., who is also owner to many other great rooms; These rooms including the Habbo Beach and airport. I’m not totally sure when CSI was created, nether-the-less it is a magnificent room. The room uses one of the largest room layout possible, and uses the space wisely. The wired systems in CSI are great, using many teleportation keywords and switches. The employees are happy and fun to be around.

The Elite Police Force – ThunderWolfX

EPF is yet another great Habbo business, it was established in November 2005! This is unbelievable! The room layout is just excellent. Not only that, the current HQ is currently decorated in celebration of Chinese New Year! EPF uses yet another very sophisticated wired system for Gate Control. The employees in EPF are great, and are always willing to help.

Would you believe that all these businesses are allies with each-other? 
Have you ever worked in one of these businesses, or would you like to work in one?

Leave us your points and comments, click ‘Read More and Comment.’

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