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Habbo competitions. Why were they axed?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm
The reasons behind the removal of competitions.
Disastrous, insane or “it’s about time” – these are just a few ways that some users described the axing of competitions on Habbo. The removal happened so suddenly (not forgetting to add that it was only mentioned on Twitter and some fansites) thus leaving many users completely enraged and annoyed over the decision. However, the main issue was that Sulake failed to provide an in-depth explanation as to why events were axed. Sure, there were a few pieces of information placed on Twitter, but this was simply not adequate.
Fortunately, we have now acquired some information which will hopefully answer any queries you have about the removal.
One of the most important facts that users have been desiring is the ‘number of users who participate in competitions’. Well, it was revealed that about 2000 users participate in competitions each week – sounds pretty enormous doesn’t it? However, if you compare it to the 2.5 million users that log in each week, then you can work out that approximately only 1 in 1000 users were actively participating in competitions. Surely that’s a bit ridiculous compared to the number of users that play Habbo Hotel.
To add insult to injury, 15 members of staff were responsible for designing and creating competitions. Paul LaFontaine felt that it was simply a waste of effort (15 staff members is a lot of manpower) due to only a small portion of the “market” actually receiving a decent product/service. Hence the complete removal of competitions and events (excluding quests).
So, what are Sulake going to provide us with (in terms of events)? Well, their main aim is to start increasing the development of games such as ‘SnowStorm‘. Sulake desire games which are used by over 25% of Habbo users, not less then 0.1%! Reaching 25% of users would mean that at least 625,000 would be using new games – that is much better than 2000 users, in fact it is 312.5 times better! So their main focus (in terms of games) now is to ensure that games are being created where everyone can participate in – hence the rumours about ‘BattleBall’ being returned (there isn’t yes or no answer on this yet).
However, competitions will probably be making a return when the introduction of ‘Habbo CMs’ arrives. Sulake stated that “We think a solution is to give senior, experienced Habbos tools to create contests. Then we have local contests run by experienced people who enjoy entertaining other Habbos. We can have an award system with safeguards so we don’t devalue badges and other awards.” Many people are still slightly anxious over this happening due to potential abuse of commands from the HabboCMs but the system is still being developed to ensure that HabboCMs can be trusted with their commands. So it could be quite a while before we learn exactly how events and competitions will make a re-introduction into the hotel.
If you’d like to take a read of the entire script, then visit here:

If not, then why not post a comment by clicking “Read More & Comment”!

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