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Habbo Credit Buying0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm
There are many ways to buy credits on but there are better deals and there are worse deals and I’m here to inform you of as many as possible!

Firstly, one of the common ways to buy credits is through credit/debit cardsWallieUKash and pay safe cards. There are 4 deals this way and they are:

40 credits for £5
80 credits for £10
220 credits for £25
490 credits for £50

You can see that the 80 credits one gives you no deal from the 40 one therefore isn’t really a good deal. However, the 220 credit deal gives you 20 credits extra but comes at a massive sum of £25! If that didn’t deter you then the 490 credit one means you get 50 credits extra that the 220 credit one but it still requires you to pay £50 and I know many children will not have that money lying around.
The card method does look like a good deal and is miles better than the others I am about to inform you of.

Next, texting for credits via SMS. This used to be an ok deal with getting a lot of credits for your money but now you need to pay £1.50 just to get 11 credits! What a rip off especially when you can get 40 for £5 via a home phone. This would require you buying 4 transactions of 11 credits each just to equal the amount but you would be paying £6 for it just to get 3 credits extra.
The 11 credit price isn’t the only one as you can get 25 credits for £3 (just enough for you to get VIP subscription) and £5 to get 40 credits; this is the same as the home phone but considering the 25 credit deal, you only get 15 credits for the extra £2 which again is a rip off.

Another way there is, is the home phone method whereby you must ring a number and enter your personal ID number which is on the credits page and this way you get 33 credits for £3 therefore proves a better deal than the mobile phone, the prepaid cards and the card methods! This shows the home phone is the best way to purchase credits (even though you must be over 16 to buy them)!

There are other ways to receive credits, one way is completing ‘Credit Offers‘ but I do not recommend this as some do not work, some harm your computer and can give you viruses; they also require you to put personal information in which is a dangerous process too.

Recently, (well a good few months ago now) they created a new way to obtain credits and they called it the ‘Super saver Subscription’ (is it ironic the initials are ‘SSS‘ and SSS could easily look like $$$ coincidence? I think not). Anyway, this would require you to pay $4.99 dollars each month to get 35 credits and a special gift (Deluxe Sitting Room LampDeluxe Lemon and Lime bathDeluxe Lemonade Pitcher). Which can sell for 3-20 credits (in experience) but they have dropped in price an awful lot. Now, this is in dollars yet I am British so how would that work and you get less credits than the home phone and the mobile phone so what’s the point in that?

Finally, Habbo now also have prepaid cards whereby, you get 80 credits for £10, good deal? Think again I would expect to get 10 credits per pound I spent but I don’t. Although the mobile phone card methods have the same deal it appears a better deal purchasing over a mobile phone/card and you don’t get any weird looks in shops by buying them. These are available at Tesco and WHSmith so have fun if you get them that way!

Do you think Habbo rip us off with the credits and have you ever bought them? I’d love to hear your views and any implications you may have received too!

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