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Habbo Excludes Non Subscribers!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm

We’ve had the Habbo Club feature for years now, originally costing 20 credits for a 30 day subscription.  It has since been reduced to 15 credits in light of the new VIP feature, similar to Habbo Club but costing 10 credits more and offering new wardrobe choices, colours, badges and 2 extra pieces of furniture a month. 

However, not having HC or VIP hasn’t affected the entertainment you could get from Habbo, until now. People who aren’t subscribers are still offered a dance, some room layouts and a 300 slot friend list. Many Habbos are content with this, we don’t need HC or VIP to build rooms, buy our own pets and just partake in competitions. Apparently Habbo has decided against this, and it seems with every new campaign we are offered the ‘better’ option if we decide to buy HC or VIP. Take the new pet turtle release for example, everyone is offered the 9 colour varieties, but in order to get the Dante Turtle you must be HC or VIP because it’s only available in the HC Section of the shop. You may ask, ‘What’s so special about this Dante Turtle that I should pay not only an extra 10 credits than I would if I brought an original turtle, but also 15 to 25 credits for a subscription?’ The answer is nothing, they don’t do anything that the 15 credit turtles don’t do, and with whichever one you decide to buy, you’ll still receive a turtle badge. Maybe Habbo needs to add ‘Exclusive Pet Colours’ to their never-ending list of features you’ll receive if you purchase a subscription.

This has also happened with furniture as well, this week the Black Hole was added to the HC Section of the shop, costing a mere 3 credits, but again only being offered to Habbos who subscribe. Yet why has the advertising banner for the article got non-subscribing Habbos on it? Then to add further insult to injury a new competition is announced, ‘Build Around It’, which involves Habbos’ creating their own unique room layouts and sending them off to Habbo. It’s pretty obvious non-subscribing players can’t enter this, so again they’re left out.

With every new campaign it seems that Habbos who don’t subscribe are accounted for less and less, and the only way to be included is to spend your money on Habbo.

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