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Habbo Fansite Badge (In-Game)0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Habbo fansites have been around ever since Habbos popularity (and population) began to grow. And for a while they didn’t have a badge to show that they were true fansites. That’s what Habbo came out with the standard fansite badge, which was red with black letters that depicted ‘Habbo Fansite Owner’. This was, of course, only given to managers and owners. Now Habbo are doing something different.

  They are making a new badge for fansites, one in which three members will receive. The people to receive the badge are decided by the fansite owners. The badge you are capable of getting is below. Sulake also said “This is the Habbo Fansite badge for Habbo (In-game) and will be given to fansites who are on the mailing list. There is still a limit of people who can have the badge and they won’t spend time in removing the badge if people have left the fansite.” But what does this exactly mean? I’m guessing it means something close to only a certain amount of people in a fansite will get this badge, and if someone leaves from this group Sulake aren’t going to spend time removing it. 

  Do you have a special opinion on this and how it looks? 
As a matter of fact, we do. The badge displays a simple amount of colour without getting too complex and is not simple enough that a baby could create it. Thats a moreover opinion on appearance, per se? Now, with this badge, I don’t see a strong point that this could prove because, to be honest, the only thing you have to do to show you are in a fansite is to put it in your MOTTO!!

  Will there be some grievances over how Fansites have spent priceless credits on creating group badges to identify members?
I have taken this into deep consideration, and the answer is: most likely. Our fansite (and others) have created numerous groups, mainly to show you enjoy someone’s event, or to show that you are involved with the fansite. Personally, this badge is starting to loose it’s appeal.

  Is there anything else you wish to say? 
Yes, I have more to say, and others do too. Their comments will be placed at the bottom of this article. Firstly, I find that the colours stick out and at times may hurt our eyes, also that this one does not flow as smooth as the older red one does. Still, it’s got some appeal.

  What do others think?
 I genuinely find that vile and literally an eye-sore. I don’t like the gold colour, I dislike the square shape. I don’t like the banner there. The old one is much better to be honest. 

NeverSkem: Not bad!

McDonalds: The older one was so, so much nicer. 

What are your views on this badge, do you see it as a good choice, or do you guess it will have a horrible outcome? Tell us them by clicking Read More & Comment!

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