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Habbo – For Better or Worse?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Habbo certainly has evolved in its time. We’ve seen the departure of the Big Hand, the hand that held all of our worldly Habbo possessions, the removal of the beloved Volter font, things just don’t seem right without it, and even the large arrow that used to point to the head of the Habbo you’d clicked on has left a hole in our hearts as well. But even after all of these updates, can we still say that Habbo is as good as it was a few years ago? Although we love the new features, there are some that we wish had stayed in the ‘Ideas Bucket’ at the Habbo Offices.

Remember the days when we had Community rooms that didn’t belong to anyone? They had unique and interesting furnishings that couldn’t be bought anywhere, and were always zoomed out so that the whole room could be seen. We had the Theatredrome, Lido Pool, Welcome Lounge and many more. No stressing about room owners having a kick fest, you could just go and hang out in a public room and make new friends. The new ‘Official’ rooms don’t feel Official because essentially anyone can replicate them; somehow they feel more controlled because there’s a name telling you who owns the room.

This brings me onto the next feature we all miss, Habbo Games, and I’m not talking about Freeze or Battle Banzai, I’m talking about the Habbo Classics. Wobble Squabble, Snow Storm, Lido Diving, Battleball and Kick Wars are all games that were cherished but sadly aren’t available anymore. The new games we have are great, but in order to get a good sized arena you have to spend a lot of credits. Simply walking into the room and queuing isn’t the same as the special lounges we used to have for Snow Storm and Battleball, where we’d wait for people to join the game. Nor is it the same as buying tickets to play Wobble Squabble or Lido Diving and having a whole new set of controls pop up on your screen. Kick wars is another old time favourite, although we understand the ‘give rights to all’ feature was removed to prevent scamming, surely there must be a way to make it safer, perhaps have rights where all you can do is kick people, and not mess with the furniture?

Finally, another missed feature is the Habbo camera, the perfect way to keep your Habbo memories alive, forever. Again this is a feature that was removed to stop people messing with the photos and adding pictures that weren’t suitable for the Hotel. But surely with all of the new features we’ve had, there must be some sort of way to bring the camera back and prevent people hacking into it?

Instead of giving us new features, why don’t Habbo bring back some of the older ones? After all, the classics are always the best. With all of these changes everything seems more restricted and controlled, which takes the fun out of everything. We want more random events hosted by Habbo Staff, more celebrity visits, more freedom and probably less pet releases, please.

What do you miss about Habbo?

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