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Habbo Forums Update0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:42 pm

As you will all know, during the Habbo mute group forums were one of the things to be disabled, and to this day they still have not returned to the hotel. This has caused frustration to group owners throughout Habbo, and has made running a place of work,business or room difficult for every Habbo entrepreneur.

Until yesterday, no real mention of progress has been made regarding the Habbo forums, but this changed when the Chief Executive Officer of Sulake, Paul LaFontaine, tweeted: Habbos I am getting on another plane now. Off to visit staff. We are moving to new forum soon. I will be available there when we do.

This tweet has made many Habbos ponder the future of Habbo forums. Many people think that Habbo may be introducing one main forum. On the other popular online game of RuneScape, a main forum works well and makes trading and other community interaction much easier.

Although there are advantages to having one central forum, I would like to think that Habbo may re-open group forums when they have found a solution as to how to moderate them successfully. Small forums are necessary for people to communicate with others from different time zones, and they are also useful for a variety of other purposes. RuneScape has private forums with the integration of clans, and this has proved to be a fantastic idea as now the game has ‘the best of both worlds’.

You have heard what I think about the Habbo Forums, but what do you think?

Click ‘Read More & Comment’ to share your views!

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Clue 18: What popular online game has a main forum as well as other individual ones?: (9 letters) – – – – – – – – –

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