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Habbo Help Tool Ready for Use0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm
The Habbo Help tool has recently gained notoriety for causing users to redirect to phishing sites, but Habbo have fixed it! 

A few days ago, some Habbos reported that when they went to this site, it was detected as a phishing site, one which poses as a trusted website, such as Google or Facebook, and attempts to steal data. You may have had an email from a company who were asking you for login details, but noticed that they misspelt a word or their English was poor. This was likely to be a phishing site, and any links could have pointed to the phisher’s website. It is named as such because the culprits are trying to “fish for your information”. 

However, Sulake deny that this was their doing, and that on October 30th, they noticed unauthorised access to their system. They state that if you have used the Habbo Help tool for any enquiry between 1:50AM GMT and 11:30AM GMT on October 30th you should follow these steps:
1) Change your account password, hackers are extremely good at extracting data which you have previously used, so change it to something completely new!
2) Report all suspicious activity through the Habbo Help tool, which is now fully secure for use internationally.
3) Be on the lookout for fake emails, checking for bad punctuation, spelling or grammar. Habbo staff will never ask you for your account password, or credit/debit card details, and if you see this, delete the email straight away!
If you do believe they are real, don’t click on any links. Hover over the links and in the bottom-left of your screen, their true address will then be revealed. 

Do not fear that being fooled by phishing is a rare thing, because hundreds of people each day give out details to phishers. Sometimes, I like to play a game with them, by sending them fake passwords or reply emails, just to prove they’re untrue! Even internet giants AOL fell for it, with their Warez community. The users illegally downloaded media and exchanged credit card fraud methods, and the site was a haven for phishing. Eventually, AOL had to discontinue the service, on safety grounds!
Sulake staff does apologize for this incident, but unfortunately cannot offer reimbursement for this “great inconvenience”.
What do you think? Have you been misled by these phishers? Have you lost furni, credits or even worse, your whole account? Leave your thoughts below!

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