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Habboxween is coming....

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Habboxween is coming....
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Habbo Helper Scheme finally added!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:38 pm

After much anticipation in the past few weeks, Habbo have finally released the Habbo Helper Scheme. To put it simply, it is a replacement of the mods with actual Habbos. As of now we believe that there is no real reward apart from a few badges and achievement points but it has only just been released so there may be more additions in the future!
Habbo Way Quiz

Habbo Way Quiz BadgeThe first part of the update is the revamped Habbo Way. On the hotel view there is now a section to read about the new Habbo way and following that, there is a quiz for Habbos to complete to receive a nice blue rosette-styled badge. The quiz is fairly easy and you may do the quiz however many times you want until you get the badge.

The next part is the actual Habbo Helpers. A Habbo who now needs help can click the usual “Help” button, however now you can either get a tour of Habbo, ask for instructions or use the previous help method via staff and the support centre. All in all, it is a good scheme and when I first tried it out, my guide showed me a few amazing rooms and we just had a nice chat.

The last part of this recent update is the “Talent Track”. This is basically a timeline that shows you important achievements that you need to complete in order to become a Habbo Helper. Most of these are the simple ones which most have already done such as; scratch a pet 10 times or be a habbo for 14 days. Once the first achievements are completed, you are permitted to become a Habbo Helper. You can put yourself on duty by going to a room, clicking “Me” and clicking the Helper Tool.

Overall I think this update is very interesting and it does provide a better help system for those who are new to Habbo or unsure about something because you have someone dedicated to help you. I have tried out being a Habbo Helper and it is fun, you can talk to the help requester, invite them to rooms for a tour or visit them. The visit option was an amusing option as it meant that you could access any room regardless of the privacy. For example, I was brought to a maze and I walked in and helped out the people to get through. I also could continue this throughout and I ended up tagging along.

But what do you think about this update? Feel free to post your views in the comments section!

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