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Habbo Helpers Enters Test Mode0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

The 514 project revealed and the run down on what it’s about.

First and foremost, the 514 project has now received an official name, “Habbo Talents”. It will be one of the biggest ever projects for Habbo, and is based around the view that Habbos play for different reasons, as they enjoy different activities. Habbo recognises that we have interests branching off into such things as room building, trading, hosting events and owning help desks, and therefore Habbo have decided that a new idea, the “Talent tree” should be introduced to make these things more enjoyable. It runs along the basis that if you enjoy doing something in Habbo a lot, you could have the ability to follow a specific path, eventually giving you extra tools and abilities to make what you do easier and more enjoyable. The rest of this article should split down all this into sizeable chunks by looking into each of the separate areas.

Habbo Helpers

Habbo have announced that this will be the first of the Habbo Talents paths to be launched, and will give Habbos that enjoy helping others the opportunity to do so in an effective way that should benefit everyone. Some may have heard of this path before as HabboCM, which was the working title, but it has now been confirmed that Habbo Helpers will be the official name for it.

This path should cover everything from the very basics of Habbo, to the guiding of new members and also the helping of others. Those who keep at it will become full-fledged Habbo Helpers, which Habbo says will give them the chance to really make a difference and help out fellow Habbos. Unlike prior ideas about this, everyone will be able to enter this path, though by no means will it be an easy one to complete. Becoming a full-fledged Habbo Helper will take a lot of dedication, skill and knowledge. The hope is that Habbo Helpers can be given a help tool that won’t require the attention of a moderator. The Habbo Helpers will be answering smaller calls for help, freeing up time for moderators and player support to deal with bigger issues, though Habbo Helpers will not have the ability to ban or unban. The picture in this article shows an early idea of how the Habbo Helpers flow might look.

Alpha Testing Habbo Helpers

Before the Habbo Helpers path is released, Habbo have confirmed that it needs to go through some vital testing. The Alpha testing phase will occur during the first week of May, where some crucial tests will be occurring. This phase will be occurring firstly in Habbo Finland then in Habbo Spain, where selected Habbos will be given the chance to help out with a limited set of issues, giving Habbo the opportunity to see how it works.

Beta Testing Habbo Helpers

Once Habbo have received all the necessary information from the Alpha testing, this phase will start. It is likely that there will have been some changes after the Alpha testing, and regrettably Habbo are unable to confirm how long this might take. The Beta testing should hopefully commence in the middle of May however, with most of the paths open for testing from the Habbo Helpers scheme, but this will also only be occurring in Habbo Finland and Habbo Spain.

After Beta Testing

Habbo hope that the Beta testing should not take long in comparison, and they state that with luck, the Habbo Helpers scheme should be released in all Hotels before the end of May.

There has been quite a lot to digest with this new scheme, but this new update from Habbo definitely does look promising, but what do you think? Share your views by commenting below.

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