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"Habbo Hotel Turkey" is on the way!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

It’s time to celebrate, another hotel is on the way soon!

Sources from Twitter, Wikipedia and the official Sulake website all mention a “Habbo Hotel Turkey” opening in the near future with job positions for the hotel already being available.

The leak about a future hotel occurred on Twitter at first. A Twitter user cleverly spotted that Sulake had an open position on their site which involved a hotel called “Habbo Turkey”. The full title of the job is “Habbo Turkey User Care Agent” and will require full-time work in Madrid – applications for the position close on the 20th of May suggesting that the grand opening could be under a few months away.

Paul LaFontaine himself also accidently leaked information about the hotel on Twitter when he was trying to figure out what a user wanted to know about the Turkish hotel. Paul said “Are we hiring for it?” and then went on to say “Staff gets mad at me for leaking information. But staff has made leaky error about new hotel so not my fault… : )” – what goes around, comes around it seems!

Some people have been slightly taken aback by this piece of news due to the amount of cost-cutting that Sulake has made recently. Offices all over the world were closed, nearly 75% of their workforce made redundant and many hotels were merged together. It seems quite strange that Sulake would open another hotel after all this cost-cutting drama! Besides, there is always the possibility that the Turkish hotel may be a gigantic “flop”… the last hotel to open was Habbo Russia which closed 17 months later and before that, Habbo China which closed (due to bankruptcy) only 13 months after opening. Only the oldest hotels seem to have survived, so there are a few doubts surrounding the opening and survival of this future hotel.

Hmmm… all this talk of Habbo Turkey is making me want a piece of Turkish Delight!

Are you eager for the grand opening of this hotel, or do you think it is a disaster waiting to happen? Share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment!”

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