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Habbo is Dead!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm

You can remove Volter, you can remove the home room button, but this time Habbo Staff really have gone too far! 

Our dear friend list has been here since pretty much the beginning, and last nights Habbo updates bring everyone sadness as Habbo Staff removed the Friend List Console, they usually say there is a reason for every update they install, but honestly, what possible reason can there be for removing the console. When they replaced volter with a new text font, everyone began to petition against it, yet they remove yet another feature that has been with Habbo since the beginning. I have a list positives and negatives for this change, and first are the negatives. 

First things first, you will no longer get to see the console icon on your screen every time you want to see your list of friends, but instead you must look at the blinding green friend bar that takes up the whole bottom layer of the screen. You can no longer happily move your mouse over to the bottom left and gladly click the pretty yellow friend list icon, you now must go to the bottom right and click a plain unappealing link that reads “See full list” that brings up your friend list, and with every annoying update, there is an annoying glitch to go with it. When you have your client taking up only half of youre screen (this is when you’re on another website at the same time as Habbo) you scroll left right on the green friends bar, as it thinks you’re clicking the “See full list” button, and brings up your friends list (please keep in mind this glitch may only occur on smaller screens). 

Now for the positives, Wow I couldn’t think of any, sorry Habbo you just installed another pointless update for all your users to enjoy, excuse me, I mean hate. If any of you readers have any positives that you thought of, feel free to post them in the comment section, you may also post more negatives that I forgot.

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