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Habbo Pix Comes to Habbo.com0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Games are something that are very controversial on Habbo. Some people love games and love to play them with their friends, while others can play on Habbo for years without playing one. Whatever you think of games, the reality is that Sulake have decided to work on developing more recently.

Earlier this month, Sulake released a game called ‘Habbo Pix‘ on The game is almost identical to the ‘Draw Something‘ and ‘Draw my Thing’ games, with the aim being to guess what another player has drawn and vice versa. Habbo have also adapted the game to include power-ups, and these have made the game unique to the hotel.

Draw my Thing is a very popular game outside of Habbo, and I can see why Sulake have chosen this game to bring into the hotel. In my opinion, this is the best game that is currently available on any hotel but I have not been able to get into any of the games recently, and I have become bored of all of the current games swiftly.

Yesterday, codes were released and players wondered when the game would be coming out; they weren’t waiting long due to it coming to the English Hotel ( on the same day as the upload of the codes.

As I have previously said, I think that the new game is a fantastic one, and that it is a great idea for Sulake to introduce the game into the English Hotel. I do think, however, that it would be nice for newer and more original seasonal games to be added to the hotel, such as the SnowStorm game that we have come to play on the hotel.

You have heard what I think about Habbo Pix, but what do you think?

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