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Habbo releases 'Habbo Xmas 2011' poll!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:24 pm

Shops have been placing out Christmas decorations in September and now Habbo are releasing an Xmas poll in October! 

The staff have insisted that it’s “never too early for Christmas” and have already started planning for the annual Christmas event at the hotel, but there’s a twist! Instead of the traditional method where staff present their event to the public, this time YOU will be voting for the best idea for the Christmas event via a poll. There are a variety of ideas to comment on and give a rating (of 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst) on.

So, I bet you’re all keen to see some of the ideas Habbo have suggested! Well, why not take a look…


Lots of excitement surrounding this suggestion; “Introduce a Snowstorm game as a ready made game built by Sulake. You can invite your friends to play with you.” This could potentially be the return of snowstorm (a classic game which was closed), which will be incredibly exciting to old/experienced users of Habbo.

Sulake have also pointed out that; “There will be a UserVoice forum round on ‘The Pilots of The Revolution’ group page, regarding Snowstorm starting on Monday October 7th!

Gift givings and greetings:

This idea sounds like a very interesting concept to a lot of people; “Introduce a gift wishlist. You can add things you want for Xmas to the wishlist and your friends can gift you easily. Introduce a delivery service for gifts, so that Habbos can pick a delivery guy and date for gifts. You can also create greeting cards by capturing photos from rooms. The cards can be sent to your online friends, even if they don’t play Habbo!” There are 2 interesting parts in this suggestion (the bolded phrases). The first “capturing photos from rooms” could suggest the return of the camera possibly, or even a brand new method of taking snapshots. The second point “even if they don’t play Habbo” might ruin the concept of an idea just to improve Habbo, so it’s debatable whether this will be useful or not.

Rentable rooms:

This idea sounds intriguing and quite unusual for something that Habbo have suggested; “You can rent a wonderful pre-decorated room and invite your friends there. There can be different rooms starting from basic ones for players with a tight budget to the luxurious penthouses with a view.” This might be a catastrophe or a brilliant concept, maybe they could even have a “Habbo-Real Estate Market”.

Questing Calendar:

This was on idea which has been put into action before, here is a brief explanation of it; “You’ll get a new quest each day and can by completing them you collect the best prizes. You can complete quests with friends too and collect badges. There will be an ultimate rare you can buy if you complete enough quests.” It’s a simple combination of a quest calendar and snowflake rewards, but some people would find this kind of repetitive.

Casual snowball fights with achievements:

Not much to explain here. It’s a simple version of ‘Snowstorm’, users throw snowballs whenever and wherever they want. Here’s Habbo’s explanation; “Introduce casual snowball fights with achievements, no game as such. You can throw snowballs at other Habbos and get achievement badges for doing so.”


Similar to skateboardin, you can ride a snowboard in rooms and earn achievement points for certain tricks and when you reach enough achievement points, you gain a badge.

More interactions between avatars:

“You would be able to show emotions and actions like kissing, hugging, etc.” This idea was hinted in a meeting with ‘Norman’ the French hotel manager and by some polls in the ‘Habbo Research Lab’. Many users would find it an interesting development for Sulake and would probably be very eager to try out the new actions straight away but I don’t think many people would approve of a stranger kissing them. Also, we’re sure that Sulake won’t make “become pregnant” an action (it was suggested by a user to the French hotel manager).

Additional ideas:

Here are a few of the ideas which weren’t explained in-depth by Sulake; 

. Rentable bots
. Pet-like Santa Claus (a miniature competition)
. Winter clothing
. Customizable furniture (sources confirm that this idea is already being developed)
. Rasta Santa (another competition?)
. Music maker (create your own music in-hotel)

It seems like a lot to take in doesn’t it! The possibility of rentable bots, the return of snowstorm, new winter clothes and so on. Many users are extremely excited about all of the potential ideas for Habbo Xmas 2011 and lots of users have already been creating winter-themed rooms! (Remember..we still have Halloween and Firework/Bonfire night to get through first). So, there’s bound to be an action-packed, fun-filled and extravagant Christmas in store this year… So you better be online to experience it all.

* You can access this poll by visiting the Habbo home page and looking for the news article containing the link for the poll.

Are you already getting ready for Christmas? Which one of the above ideas sounds the best? Or do you hate all the ideas?! Whatever your opinion is, share it now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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