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Habbo Seeks to Regain Users as a Gaming Platform0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Habbo seeks to regain the users that they lost due to a sex scandal over the summer. The under-age 21 social networking site lost over 9 million users to a sex scandal over the summer. The hotel closed and then re-opened to a mute. This is mostly why Habbo lost 9 million users, but they say “We will gain them back”. They will try a new method of being a “Gaming Platform”.

The target audience, it says, 13-18 year olds. Habbo says they will be marketing new games on the main menu of the client. Which are Fastfood, Habbo Speedway and others. Snowstorm is also a big one of those games. Snowstorm started and then got taken off, many users complained and demanded the games return, is it the users who are making Habbo a “Gaming Platform”? Will it be another video game like Runescape?

To avoid being accused of this horrible problem again by the relaxed governance, Habbo Hotel will be monitering everything they put in the games, meaning no sexual content, no vualger languge, and a lot of other stuff. So lets talk about what caused this whole thing shall we? Lets take a flashback to the past summer.

Over the past summer Habbo Hotel was accused of a sex scandal on BBC Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom. Parents saying “Habbo Hotel is not safe for kids!” Anyways, kids under the age of 13 kept joining and have been joining for years now since the game stated in 05. So the hotel was forced by CEO of Habbo Hotel to be muted. All hotels were muted in this event. While the summer progressed, hotels began to be able to speak again, but under moderated words… Then, as the year of 2012 progressed the hotel finally got back to a free chat range, and that is where we stand today. If you try to say a bad word, you get the “Bobba” word! Everyone demanded that return. So that’s the Habbo Hotel story.

Got a question to ask or want to talk about it? Post in a comment below!

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