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Habbo Speedway- Update!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:42 pm

A few weeks ago, we announced the rumour of a new game – Habbo Speedway. Now, we bring you an exciting update!

Not only have we found exciting new screenshots, but we even know that it’s in very late stages of 
development. After an official press release from Sulake Staff, we’ve now got images of the official badges (which have been recently uploaded and can be seen on the left of this article), which probably means that the new game will be added to the Hotel very soon!
Although many people have commented on the graphics being very different to that of Habbo itself (similarly to Fast Food), it’s a refreshing change from the very pixelated graphics on Habbo, and a step towards the updated, fresh version they’re bringing in with the Ilumina panels.

Even the badges seem to be taking a step away from other ones – SnowStorm and Fast Food badges look almost identical to each other, but the 2 of the 3 badges (namely the trophy and duck ones) are very different to before. The trophy badge is one of the best designed badges ever, in my opinion, as the colours and layout work really well. I can’t wait to try and win it! The duck badge, however, seems to be more of a mascot badge, but it’s being left under wraps (even the code ‘Speedway_Ducks’ doesn’t give much away). I guess we’ll see soon enough!

I personally love racing games and can’t wait for this to be released, but I do worry that Habbo is releasing too many features too quickly, driving players out of the once-tight community by splitting them up over the hotel.

What do you think of this new game? Leave your opinions by clicking ‘Read More and Comment’ below!

Iiiit’s time for the Crossword Challenge! Click here to learn the game, then answer me this question!

13) What animal features on one of the Speedway badges? (4 letters) _ _ _ _

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