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Habbo Staff Hacked?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

Has new staff member Cupcaek been hacked?

Cupcaek was spotted only this month by Habbox members, when she appeared in various events and even the Helpdesk!  She appeared to be very friendly and chatty, happy to talk to the players within the rooms, and even answered a few questions for us.

Even though she did not reveal her official job title, she did say that she had something to do with Events or Competitions – either way it’s a more community-based role. It’s refreshing to see Habbo staff interacting with the community again, after the recent drama caused by the Channel 4 News report.
However, today, many Habbos are flocking to a room to see this new and friendly staff member apparently get hacked. How do we know this, you may be asking. Well, she told us earlier in the week that she is not allowed to have friends on her Staff account (only her personal) – but she is now sending out friend requests throughout the Hotel.

Throughout the night, she has been standing in various rooms – for most of the time, a room of ‘her’ own creation – titled ‘Habbo Got Owned [MOE]‘. The ‘Moe’ part refers to a popular Habbo who goes by the name of Fierycold who recently has been through his own issues with both Habbo Staff and the community. Cupcaek, or her hacker, is also currently dressed in Fierycold’s signature black-and-grey outfit, sporting the motto ‘aka FieryCold, I will ban you’.

It has been rumoured that the hacker is being whispered to by another member of the Habbo Community (who will remain unnamed in this report), and the hacker is following the instructions that they are sending, including friend requesting Habbos, picking up furni and banning other MODs. It has also been rumoured that the person who hacked Cupcaek is the same person who hacked popular casino owner ZLimez earlier in the week.

Other MODs are currently dealing with this situation. In the mean time – leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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