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Habbo Talents Equals Project 5140
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm
You are absolutely correct: the mysterious new project has received a new coat of paint and more information to shed! 
Our reporters here at Habbox happened to receive an issue of Habbo’s Behind the Pixels magazine, which I read through. It explains a new idea soon to surface on Habbo Finland called ‘Habbo Talents’, but that’s just the beginning! Then, they will amble over to Habbo Spain to test how the community reacts to the new features. It is said for this to take action during the first week of May. It will be available to a small group of Habbos with a limited set of features, to get a feel for how the process will work.

Let’s rewind: ‘Habbo Talents’ is perhaps the biggest project to ever breach Habbo’s web base! Since many Habbos seem to have a knack for different things, such as trading, event hosting, help desk owners, and billions more! Not to mention room builders that get thechic out of carpet! This idea spurted into yet another thinking beta: a talent tree. This tree has paths (or perhaps branches) leading to different opportunities depending on what different Habbos have a special talent for. By following the path, there are several more directions to follow to extend your knowledge of that certain path. 

Habbo CMs* are just the beginning of this new ‘Talent Tree’. They are there to, in the future, help more Habbos with questions easy enough to answer about Habbo.

Once this new program is flung out of alpha and into beta, the project goes into a small fermented process. Here, the project will be plucked, changed, and reorganized. Once it has all been fully developed and checked, it will be launched to all hotels in the Habbosphere. Habbo Talents is said to be released in the month of May.
*Moderators will still be on Habbo, and Habbo CMs will not be able to ban or unban anyone.
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