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Habbo Teases Shell Surprise!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:20 pm

Hold your horses, or better still, your shells, because this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

For the past few weeks in Habbo, you’ve been able to collect Shells by completing various daily tasks, all centred around the theme of summer. Although we admit it was a lot of fun when it started, we did sort of lose focus, and interest towards the end. However this hasn’t stopped some Habbos from completing the majority of the quests, and along the way collecting their Shell Collector badges, that show how many quests they’ve completed. The whole of point of collecting the shells is to spend them, because they won’t remain on your account forever, at least not when summer’s over. The shop is currently stocked with 9 items that can be brought using the shells, with the cheapest items priced at 3 shells and the most expensive item at 30 shells plus 25 credits.

Today Habbo released an article teasing us with the release of an item that interlinked with the shells. We’re guessing this new item will have a pretty hefty price tag on it, so if you’ve been collecting shells since day 1 and have resisted the temptation to spend them all at once; you should be all set for the release. Habbo have also indicated that if you were to begin collecting shells as soon as possible, you’ll still be able to purchase this mystery item, so don’t be put off if the number next to the shell in the corner of your screen stands at 0, because there’s still hope!  We also urge you to have a few coins saved just in case, as often the big rares available require coins plus the temporary currency.

The news team here at Habbox always like to be a few steps ahead of everything, a few days ago an article was published showcasing the brand new, unreleased Summer Dragon piece of furni. After taking a closer look it seems like this is the ‘mystery’ item that will be released for you to purchase with your hard earned shells. If you’re not sure what the Summer Dragon is, click here to view the article published on Habbox. If you do know what the Summer Dragon is, then I’m sure this is a piece of furniture that’s on your ‘To-get’ list, and if that’s the case I suggest you begin saving those shells right away!

Are you going to be saving your shells for the Summer Dragon?

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