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Who saved Santa?

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Happy New Year!
10 Things You Won’t Believe Are Turning 10 This Year!11
By - Posted 16th March, 2016 at 12:47 pm Habbo

I’ve been taking a look through the Habbo history books and found some great – and surprising at times – things which will all the old skool players feel very old! Here are my top 10 things turning 10 this year on Habbo…

The 4Chan Raid!


Probably the most famous thing from 2006 is the infamous raids – POOL’S CLOSED! The Great Habbo Raid took place on 12th July, and was was the online version of The Million Man March to protest the alleged racism of the Habbo mods. After that took place, there were tons more raids even to this very day of people dressed in traditional Habbo suits and afros coming in to raid rooms!

Celebrity visits

Habbo had tons of great celebrities visiting in 2006!! Lil’ Chris, Matt Willis, Jamelia, McFly, Lilly Allen and Chamillionaire were just a few on the list that year.I remember queueing for ages to get in the rooms just to have a chance to chat to them! I think I may have got into the McFly one actually? It’s so hard to remember that long ago! They did visit again in 2010 so it could be that one I’m remembering.


Black dragon lamp.gif Blue Dragon Lamp.png

Yes, dragons! Quite a lot were released in 2006. There have been loads added since – the pink, maroon, darkstars, but adding to the original Gold and Bronze, the Black and Blue dragons were added to the majority of hotels, with many other colours being added early the following year.



I can hear it coming already. “What’s Snowstorm?” from all the newbies. Well children, gather round and let Auntie Rawr tell you a story. IT WAS THE SECOND BEST THING EVER AFTER BATTLEBALL OK? Basically, it was one of those minigames. You could go and throw snowballs at people! What isn’t to love? It was only released for a short time before it was taken off due to coding issues. It returned a few years later in 2011, but as a VIP only, then limited for non VIPs as well.

The Rooftop Cafe


Regarded as one of the cutest public rooms on Habbo, the Rooftop Cafe opened 10 years ago! It was added during the Version 11 update, along with other public rooms such as the Rooftop (duh), Internet Cafe, Tropical Bar, Old Skool rooms, the Dusty Lounge, Empire Gardens 1 & 2, Empire Palace, Hanging Gardens and The Stadium… most of which don’t exist today, but you’ll still find people recreating them to this very day!

The Brazil hotel!

Brazilian Flag

Now arguably Habbo’s most popular dedicated hotel, the Brazilian one was a late starter! While the rest all spawned in the early noughties, the Brazilian hotel didn’t open until 2006.

Asian clothing


To go along with the Chinese New Year campaigns and furni, Habbo released Chinese-themed clothing into the hotel in 2006. They’re a staple of any non-HC’s wardrobe – all the jackets like the one above, the Japanese headband, and the T-Shirt and Jacket all in one for men.

Habbo homepages


They’ve just been removed, despite not even making it to their 10th birthday! Habbo homepages were introduced during the Version 11 release in November 2006. They kept adding new things over the years, but basic widgets, backgrounds and stickers all started here.


The first of the Habbowood movie-making competitions were released in 2006 – just before they really kicked it off in 2007 with the furni range and everything. During this campaign, Habbos could create their own movies using a Habbo-styled movie maker! It’s hard to find information about winners (I’ve had a look but with old Habbo.co.uk links being down it’s hard!) so let me know if you remember it!



OK, this is a Habbox thing but I couldn’t believe this was ONLY 10 years old! All (A)GMs on Habbox are easily identifiable by their lime green names… earning them the nickname limeys! It’s been that way for 10 years now, and 37 people have had one of these coloured names at one (or more!) points.

Something that is definitely NOT turning 10 this year….

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    neonebis commented on 16th March, 2016

    Lawr – Habbowood was 10 years old???? Talk about making me feel ancient!! That’s a crazy thought – and back then it was a “new fad”!! Very nostalgic, great read! 😀

    lucas32145 commented on 16th March, 2016

    Brazillian Habbo… 10yo! My home!!!!!!!! And the Chinese Habbo as well but now it’s closed lol

    Bolt660 commented on 16th March, 2016

    So many memories! Excellent article Laura! 😀

    David commented on 1st April, 2016


    Lill-MeeDK commented on 1st April, 2016

    see you trump

    LovelyRainbow commented on 1st April, 2016

    Very nice article you’ve got here!

    MrsPlant commented on 1st April, 2016

    Found it!

    !:random!:! commented on 1st April, 2016


    FlyingJesus commented on 1st April, 2016

    Wow old eggs

    FUNISMYME commented on 1st April, 2016


    Ruth-On-Toast commented on 1st April, 2016

    these trump

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