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New Habbo Club Gifts for 20167
By - Posted 29th December, 2015 at 12:27 am HabboHabbo Updates

Do you have redeemable Habbo Club gifts piling up? Then get excited; Habbo is releasing a new Habbo Club line for the start of 2016, and this time it’s brand new.


We can see that Habbo is going back to its hotel roots here since all of these furni items look like they would be in a luxurious hotel room. The graphics team seems to have responded to complaints that most of their newer gifts are simply recolours of other furni lines by creating some completely different looking furni items! There is also an entirely new piece of furniture that we’ve never seen before in Habbo: a ceiling fan!

Do you like the new line? Do you think the lack of recolouring will have any impact on how Habbo treats new furni lines? Leave a comment and let me know!

Like! (No Ratings Yet)
    Baabycakezz commented on 29th December, 2015

    I like it

    dbgtz commented on 29th December, 2015

    The sink looks like a toaster on the side. Looks not crap.

    welshcake commented on 29th December, 2015

    h8 it all tbh

    Lewis commented on 29th December, 2015

    I like them

    David commented on 29th December, 2015

    hey 4got this one

    Expling commented on 29th December, 2015

    not bad, I can’t wait to get them… much better than the current ones

    thms commented on 10th January, 2016